Monday, November 23, 2009

The Men of TeamMIDS

I thought I would share with you all, the men of our team on Etsy, TeamMIDS.

There aren't a lot of men on our team, but, they are all really great guys that give a lot of attention to detail to their miniatures.

This is an acrylic turning by Bertie of BertiesMiniatures.
I think his acrylic turnings are my favorite. :)

This is a wonderful little accent table from Ray of minibuilder. Ray makes all kinds of fine wood furniture for the dollhouse, we collaborate on some items from time to time.

This is a turning from Mike Rowe. He also makes very realistic looking guns in 1/12th scale.

This is a turning from Tom (turning seems to be popular among the men.) of turningsin.
Tom has a really great sense of humor and he's working on making up a website where you can view him at work making turnings. Very cool. :)

This is a modern dining room set by Richard of minibydesign.
He makes modern furniture and lights, as well as deco furniture. Right now, he's busy making an art deco bar for himself and it's going to be fabulous!

This is a wonderful custom made screen, just for me, from Yuki of Amatheria.
Yuki is one of our youngest members of the team, he's an architecture student, a tattoo artist as well as being a miniaturist.

We also have another guy on the team, Jason, but, he's just joined recently and I have yet to acquire something from his shop, he's another turner of JasonsWoodworking.

Welcome to new followers Josje, you can find her blog here, and Papillon Bleu and her blog is here.

Giveaway, I know the 22nd came and went. My bad! I wanted to do it the Sunday night after Thanksgiving, so until then. ;)


  1. Dale, thanks for showcases the wonderful work of the MIDS men! I had seem many of them before, but Jason was new...and wouldn't you know...I found a perfect vase and bowl for the dollhouse I'm working on! Thanks a million for bringing these awesome artists to light. =D

  2. Dale, thanks for the intro! There are quite a few men in your group and I must say with really impressive resume.

  3. What a great post Dale! I enjoyed visiting these sites. Thanks for the links! These guys really make wonderful things!

  4. Sans, they really do lovely work. I love all of the stuff that I've acquired from them. :)

    Dlsarmywife, oh, how wonderful. :) That is really good news to hear. :) You're very welcome. :)

    Kathi, you're welcome. They really do. :)

  5. Thanks Dale, as always you are the Best!

  6. I have seen much of the fabulous work of these guys befoer, but I never get tired looking at them again. And some of the men were new to me, so thanks for sharing! I hope we will be able to se the art deco bar when it's finished?

  7. Helene, here is Richard's blog, you can watch along with us as the art deco bar comes to life. :)

    Richard. :) Thanks! ;)


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