Friday, November 6, 2009

Dollhouse Miniature Tablecloths and Fancy Folded Napkins :)

I made these table cloths and napkins for a custom order. I love the fabric that I was able to find, it really resembles a damask, which was important for this Victorian setting.

Some plain folded napkins, too. I thought about doing a tutorial on how to fold miniature napkins, but, it's really the same as in real life, just a wee bit tinier. The fancy folded napkins depicted are called Crown napkins and you can see how to fold them here.

and a plain table cloth for the butler

My client has been busy working on her dollhouse and you can see the updates to her progress here.

Well, last week was busy with creating, this week was quieter, but, I'm already on another creative jaunt with more things in progress. I hope to be showing you some totally new creations shortly.

Tomorrow is Philadephia Miniaturia and I am so excited to be going, I can't wait to see what is out there!

Last year I blogged about it for another blog in two postings you can see them here and here.  Now I have my own blog, so, I'm sure I'll be highlighting the fair here. :)

My friend Richard of Minibydesign has started a blog wait till you see what he's making.

Until next time ;)


  1. Just noticed that you have now 100 followers! I have been here so many times to 'follow', but somehow Google ( or the computer, or perhaps me?) could just not save my info! Well at last I managed...
    Oh yes, last but not least... You have a lovely site and I love your minis!

  2. These are beautiful, Dale! I'm jealous of your 100 followers, lol. I've been at 96 for weeks. ;-)

  3. Thank you, Lize. :) I love your blog, too. :)

    Thanks, De. Don't be jealous! No reason to be. :)

  4. The little folded napkins are great! I agree with you, the choice for the table cloth is very apt for a Victorian setting.

  5. how elegant this tablecloth!
    but you know that my mom has one similar?? the fabric is called "Flanders" ...

    compliments for the way you folded the napkins!

  6. You do really nice work, Dale! I like that you do a number of different things, AND do them all so well. I would kill to go to that Philly show!!

  7. Dale,

    My hands ache just thinking about folding those tiny napkins!


  8. Thank you so much everyone! :)

    Okay, so there might have been some growling coming out of my studio the day the napkins were made. lol

    I have to look up that fabric named flanders.

    Kiva, the show was amazing, I just posted about it. :)

  9. The fabric for the table cloth is so beautiful, I would have liked to have it in my real home!
    And for someone like me, who can't even fold napkins like that in lifesize, your mini versions are very impressive!

  10. Thank you Helene, I must confess, I do love starching and ironing cloth napkins in real life, but, never before had tried fancy folding. A rewarding challenge! :)

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