Thursday, November 19, 2009

Help! My followers have disappeared!

LOL! I know they are not gone, as I can see them on my hubby's puter.

But, they've disappeared from view from mine! :(

My people, my people, I can't see my people, lol. ;)

Does anyone know what to do?

This happened once before and I cleared my cache and they returned.

I've cleared my cache, history, cookies, restarted the computer and nothing has worked. :(

Bumming! :(


  1. blogger likes to keep us on our toes I think. If it makes you feel better I can see them over there on the side. I think that I remember this happening to others and the solution I heard most often was wait a few days and they will return. I hope someone gives you a better answer than mine!

  2. Did you log off the internet or restart completely? Sometimes that is all it takes. I once lost my list of who I was following and I freaked. But it came back after I rebooted.

  3. Thanks, ladies. :)

    I logged off the internet and restarted the computer.

    It's been a couple of days now. :(



  4. Never fear, Dale dear.
    All your followers still here!
    Some from far and some from near..
    Chanting voicelessly: "hear! hear!"

    Sorry Dale, bad rhyme, but couldn't help myself! It happened to me before... all will be revealed again. ... could be 'Google working on it'?

  5. I see them! I'm here after a prolonged blogging hiatus--trying to get back. Surprised I even still have followers after I disappeared off the face of the earth for a while starting my Etsy shop and dealing with life issues . . .

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  6. Lize, I feel like I've fallen into a Suess book. ;)

    Jody, of course people are still following your blog. :)


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