Thursday, September 27, 2012

Denver Dollhouse Miniatures Show Part I

 There is so much that I want to share with you all that this is going to be broken down to three postings.
I apologize if you think this is over kill, but otherwise, it would be one humungous post! lol

When I teasingly referred to it as the epic cross country adventure, I had no idea how true those words would come to be! Thank goodness, my dear sweet hubby was along for the ride and the journey. He is really my BFF (best friend forever). Over the past almost 30 years many "friends" have come and gone, but, he remains and will hopefully always be, my best friend, my greatest supporter and my soul mate.

Plus, he makes me laugh all of the time! :)

I am very blessed. 

We took three and a half days to get to Denver, CO from New Jersey. We thought this would be a leisurely pace, but still, they were long days of driving! The first night in Denver, we stayed with my oldest sister. When I went to first grade, she went to college and a year later she transferred to Denver and she has lived there ever since. The last time we drove across the country was in 1976, so it was nice to repeat that journey as an adult and to be the one driving. :) Thank goodness for planes in the mean time. ;)

I'm bad, I didn't get a picture of her and she looked fabulous, too!
I love and adore her so much!

I did get a pic of her new kitty though, Rascal. :)

The next day, we met up with my friend Cathy, because I told her I would share table space with her and have her floral items for sale. I've been friends with Cath for four years, in fact, she was the first one that accosted me on etsy and we became fast friends. :)

Did I get a picture of her? No! I am so bad!

We were under a time crunch as hubby had a work deadline so we basically were just rushing in to pick up her merchandise and rushed out.

But, you know what is funny about peeps you know online but never have seen?
They usually lie about the way they look. lol ;)

Cath told me she was big, imagine my surprise when I find this tiny little woman! lol ;) Big my foot! ;)

You can find Cathy's blog here.

Anyhoo! I will never forget the girlish twinkle/sparkle that was in her eyes and we finally got to hug, a few times, in person, after having given each other so many virtual hugs over the years. :)

I could not have picked a better place/show to be my first. I was surrounded by my hubby, sis, good mini friends and even a gal from high school that I got to catch up with who has been living in Denver for a while. The people that ran the show were so supportive and excited for me for it being my first show, as well as the other dealers and the customers. I could not have asked for a better experience. I learned a lot!

Okay, enough blabbing from me, on with the show! :)

Here's my table.

I was tickled to get to meet so many peeps in real life that I have met online. :)

Julie, I have known since blogging, but got to know her a lot better on facebook. We have so much in common, including last names (her last name is my maiden name), we both have family from the same small town in Western Pennsylvania and a host of other things, like loving nature... well, the list goes on and on and I won't bore you further, but, I have to tell you, it was such a joy to get to meet her in person and get to hang out with her. She is such a real and fun person to be around, it was a true gift. :)

You can find Julie's shop here, her blog is currently under construction. ;)

Check out the gourd bird and house! Cool, right? :)

And her caravan, she sells instructions how to make one.

Pamela J is another I met through blogging and etsy and eventually facebook. Her minis are fab! One really needs to see them in person to appreciate the detail, especially with her mini food jewelry.

I loved this! :)


Bear, I have had the pleasure of seeing his turnings the past few times at the Philadelphia Miniaturia. He is now president of the board for the Denver Dollhouse and Miniatures Museum.

  These bowls were made soon after he became president. Apparently the day after he took office, a storm wreaked havoc on the grounds and these were the little blessings from the storm. :)

Kathy, I met her at etsy she has a shop here. What I really like about her fabrics is that she has them professionally printed. She was busy promoting her items by giving out some free samples to a few dealers. I was tickled of course, to be one of them. :) So nice to get to meet her in person after corresponding with her. :)

And here is me at the show, my friend Cath took this pic of me.

Next time, some new peeps to meet!
...and coming up soon, a giveaway! :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sharing Sundays! :)

Welcome to sharing Sunday's, this is where I get to share my private collection with you, promote some of my fave artisans and document my minis all at the same time. :)

Pitcher of Peonies
Miniature Patisserie, Pei Li 

Pei Li is such a sweet lady and I am just enamored with her creations. :)

Floral Cake Plate
Carolyn's Little Kitchen

Isn't this just the sweetest little cake plate? :)

Indian Handbag

Ewa is such a generous soul! I saw these on her blog and asked if I could buy one and she simply would not hear of it. :) She is too kind. :)

Little House on the Prairie Book Set
Tree Feathers

I do not know what has happened to this gal. :( I love my boxed set of the Little House on the Prairie series. Sadly, her etsy shop is no longer around, but her blog is still up.

Decorative Columns
Victoria Dark Squirrel

Victoria makes a lot of witchy/goth type stuff. When I saw these in her shop, they were aged. She was so sweet to do a custom order for me and make them in white. I see these in a living room some day, flanking the fireplace with plants on top. She also threw in some lovely mini fabrics for me, how sweet is that? :)

Assorted Foods
Petit Plat, Stephanie Kilgast

Stephanie makes some of the best food around and these are just some of the pieces I have from her. :)

I hope you have enjoyed Sharing Sundays with me. :)
Be sure to check out their shops and blogs, they are all clickable links.
Until next time!