Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Questions for my blogging friends....

Okay, I'm embarrassed to admit this, for you all are going to know just how far behind I am...(ie. March)

Of course, I am still mottling my way through the changes at blogger, I'm sure I will get better with it in time, took me forever to find my blogroll again! lol ;)

My question is about google friend connect. I know that most of us have been using this feature. What are you doing now that it has been retired? Did you add a google + badge to your blog? How are you keeping up with your followers?

It seems to still be working, though, I see many blogs that do not have the feature, how do followers subscribe then? Must it be by email, RSS or google +? 

I have no understanding of RSS and I've tried, repeatedly! lol ;) Follow by email is great for those special few blogs you don't want to miss... but, one couldn't have all of the blogs they are following in their email, or all they would be doing is blog reading 24/7. Yes, I'm an honest person. :)

So, I'm wondering how you all are handling the changes and what you are doing, I would greatly appreciate any help, tips, info. :) If you know me, you know how technically challenged I am!

thank you!
dale :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Latest Custom Order

Just wanted to do a quick share with you all.

This is a custom order I just completed for a Moroccan setting.
My client seems to be real pleased with the end result. :)

Be back soon! <3

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vote for me! :)

Yes! The next time has a vote, vote for me. Oh, not about best mini blog, I surely don't qualify, but, for worst blogger of the year or ever? Definitely! And, I am counting on your vote! lol, just kidding, but, that is what I feel like, worst blogger ever! :( 

I have been busy!

And, I can see from my shop stats, that I get busy this time of year. Not the year after I started my shop, but, since then, this month represents my kids' lives have been moving on.  For some reason I thought when they reached college age they would not need me so much. Not! ;)

I have tried to keep myself busy in the interim. Recently, I picked up my eldest at Penn State University, brought her and her pigs (guinea pigs) back home and then loaded the car back up and drove her down to an internship in VA. NASA, yes, NASA! How cool is that? I think it is pretty awesome. :)

So, my youngest, my son is about to graduate from high school, God willing, and then start in less than a month for schooling for diesel mechanic and that will go on till the second December passing.

Middle is moving into a house soon nearby her University...

and, I'm trying to make minis...

take care of the house and home...

Oh, did I say I got back to gardening?
I did. :)

and home renovations?
Yeah, we are back at it!

Slowly but surely!

So, when I say I am busy.
I am. :)

Please, join me on facebook :)

You can also do a friend request, I'm always happy to accept a new friendship. :)

Oh, yeah, these items can all be purchased from my etsy shop.
click below

I'm especially tickled about the chair and already one of the kitty pillow sets has already been purchased.
There are more sets available in my shop.

Bear with me, I will be back to socialize and I very much appreciate your support.
dale :)