Monday, November 16, 2009

Favorite Dollhouse Books :)

Wow, I just releasized that I haven't been blogging. ;)

  I was hoping to have some exciting news to report last week, but alas, it is on hold for the moment-

 New followers to welcome, they are; evelien and you can find her blog here and Reisl Today, which I thought there was a blog... but, I'm not finding it listed... Reisel, if you're around, leave me a comment with your blog site and I'll put it in my next post. :) Thanks for following my blog.

 I thought I would share with you, my dear readers, my favorite dollhouse books. :)

This book showcases 35 dollhouses from the 1600's on to present day.

Focuses on the interiors, primarily furniture building.

A unique mix of design styles; from Egyptian, Shaker, Bauhaus to Victorian Gothic

Everything having to do with textiles, my favorite subjects. :)

All Victorian, all the time. ;)  I love the richness of this time period, the pattern on pattern, the ornateness and all of the "stuff" that Victorians loved to hang on to.

This has a lot of specific projects for dollhouses in different time periods.

I just love these books. I'm sure you can probably find copies of them on Amazon or Ebay.
 I used to just pour over these books and dream. :)

Now, I find I am getting more and more interested with contemporary and modern traditional designs as opposed to period designs, though, I still love them! :)

Books are such precious things, they are like old friends, so good to have around to enjoy.

After reading up on other people's blogs, I'm seeing that, there are a bunch of new gorgeous books are out there.

Must ask for a gift certificate to a book store for Christmas. ;)


  1. How wonderful to see your recomendations for Miniature books...I will definitely be heading to amazon and ebay to see what I can find!

  2. Great post! I'm going to see if I can find Making Dollhouse Interiors!
    Just looking at the cover makes me want to buy it!

  3. I don't have ANY of those books--I'm going to have to get buying!!

    Julie Old crow

  4. Hello,
    Thank you for the welcome :) my blog is
    I am not sure why it is not showing ?
    Also, thanks for sharing those books, they look like some great resources!

  5. Thank you for your recommendations for books.Im new at miniatur and watching your blog.With my best wishes from İstanbul

  6. I have read some of these books from my library and I agree with you, they are precious. I own the last one and am dying to try some of their stuff, esp the quilted and colourful blanket. Everytime I see any books on miniatures or dollhouse, I just buy them. They are few and far between here and you can read them over and over.

  7. I LOVE miniatures books, Dale, and you have a great collection- some really great classics! I mostly own food making books, but I adore the one I have by Sue Heaser. She shows you how to make not just food, but uber fabulous furniture and accessories, ALL in clay!! It's called "Making Doll's House Miniatures With Polymer Clay". I just love looking at the pictures!

  8. Dlsarmywife, thanks! :) Let me know what you find out there.

  9. Kathi, I think that might be one of my most favorites. :)

    Lots of eye candy!

  10. Julie, you must!

    Do you have any mini books?

  11. Reisl, I was sure you had a blog, as I think I'm following it. ;)

    I think it is how you have your profile set up? I dunno, I'm still finding my way around with this stuff and I'm not a techno gal to say the least. ;)

  12. esen, you are very welcome. :) I see you are following and I've been to your blog as well. You showed up as one of the profiles without a picture or avatar. I found quite a few peeps in there, I wondered why the numbers of followers would go up but, I didn't see new faces at the top.

  13. Hey Sans, I read everyone at my library and even got some from the interlibrary book loan on occasion.

    I think my mom bought me the majority of those books.

    I'm going to have to go look up to see what projects you're referring too.

    You read them? I just look at the pictures. ;)

  14. Kiva, that sounds totally cool, I'll have to keep my eye out for that one. :)

  15. What a great collection of books you have there! I will do a post soon about the book I was using for the paint finish....It's not a dollhouse book, but still has great ideas in it!!!


  16. Oh, cool, Katie. Thanks! :)

    Everything in real life transfers into miniature. ;)


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