Monday, October 29, 2012

Denver Show Part II

The long awaited Part II of the Denver Dollhouse and Miniature Show!

Remember, if you want to see a larger image of the photographs, right click on one and have it the image open in a new tab, you can then click on that image to enlarge, so you don't miss out on anything!

Last time I shared with you people I had already known, but was getting to see in person.

This time, I share with you some brand new people that I met and took a liking too. :)

Era and her husband;

run Pearce Miniatures and Era makes the most exquisite miniature florals.

Gideon was our next door neighbor and he was just the nicest gentleman.

His miniature business is called Wild Wolf Miniatures and he makes very high end furniture.

Jim Pounder is one of the friendliest men you will ever meet and he makes beautiful sculptures and light fixtures.

Definitely, on the must have list  for some day!

You can find some of his works here
and here.

I didn't get a picture of her, but, Judi was a wonderful gal.

She had long black hair and was wearing vintage glasses that she had her prescription put in. How cool is that? What a smart idea! She looked fabulous!

She told me how her girlfriends started the Denver show, thirty years ago.

It was a pleasure having Judi as one of our neighbors.

Before the show, I had posted in Small Stuff Digest, to see if anyone from there was going.
Sue Veeder was one to respond and say that she would be there.

Lo and behold, she was siting right next to me at the dinner on Friday night.
That was fun. :)

She had some lovely items, but, I had my eye on some of her son's modern black and white photography in miniature. Of course, I am kicking myself for not getting one, but, there is always next time!

Unfortunately, I only got to say a quick Hi! to the gal that has True2Scale.

Her packaging was really quite impressive!

you can find her blog here
and her website here

And there you have it for now!

A few more things to share with you in the third edition, plus a giveaway!

All coming soon! :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sharing Sunday! :)

 Yes, I will use any excuse I can find to pull out my blue and white china.
Photo credits below.

I especially added these top two because they fit in with the season.

I recently got this gift from Lyssa. She had a giveaway on her blog and added a special one for those that had been most supportive of her. I was so touched to be one! :)

I know the fence shelf looks a bit Halloweeny, but later it's gonna be shabby chic-y some where in one of my houses. I love her paintings and check out the basket, would you believe it is made of paper? I had to really examine it.

Sweet treasures, thank you Lyssa!

You can find her blog here and her etsy shop here.

These are from my friend Heidi. She dressed the skelly herself and that has got to be the tiniest cameo I have ever seen. I have to make up those boxes now.

I met Heidi on facebook, she's been down here to visit twice now. We have minis and food and music in common... and the occasional sarcasm. ;)

You can find her blog here, where she writes about life and day to day kinda stuff. :)
She's been back to making minis again, maybe she will share some pics soon!

Patricia from Papillon Bleu made me this dolly when we did a trade a while back. I made a proper mattress for Alienore. She gave her a pink dress because of my affinity for pink and dark hair to match me, but look at her bracelet.

She gave her a pink bracelet just like I have.

Have you any idea how hard it is to take a picture of your right hand with your left hand?
I don't suggest trying it! lol ;)

Just one of the many moments of serendipity that I have had with so many of my mini peeps.

More hat stands from Tom Saunders.... perhaps I just leave them out some where to remind me to make some hats soon! :)

He doesn't seem to have an open shop at the moment..

I thought I bought yellow apples, bananas and peppers.
According to the receipt it is bananas, grapefruit and tomatoes!

Too funny, I don't even like grapefruit!
Guess I need my eyes checked. ;)

They are from the Fieldwood Company, Inc.

Of course, we should all be preparing for this holiday!
I got this from Pepe when Caterina had a swap for Christmas.
Sadly, I cannot find her blog now, she might not have even had a blog, I am not sure, if anyone knows, please let me know and I will edit this post.

Photo credits:
Fireplace, bench, and blue and white china from my private collection.
Blue jug from Sandy Copeland
Miniature photography from Wanderinon
Folding screen, pillows, rug and shell mirror can be purchased at my etsy shop.

Thanks for joining me for sharing Sunday! :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Latest works...

Spent a good portion of this week painting these pieces with many coats of paint and sanding.
Highlighted with gold paint and the chair has been reupholstered.

I liked them so much, I decided to keep them for myself. :)

In progress...

You can see the bedroom pieces in their before look.

A while ago, my cousin who is a professional organizer gave me a bunch of furniture from a woman that was downsizing.

 and a dollhouse...

and a box of furniture to make, though, some of it is missing.

With how busy I was this past summer, I think I forgot to share all of this. 

I painted this buffet or console table to have an Asian style to it and it's been distressed to show age.

I don't often venture outside of 1/12th or one inch scale, but I did for this little bed. 
You can see it's before look in the group photo above. Bed measures less than 3" wide.

Painted, sanded, aged, and distressed.

New floral rose print has been combined with two vintage fabrics, one featuring hearts, the other polka dots. Fine vintage and antique trims and lace have been used to embellish the bedding and pillows.

Country, cottage, shabby chic.


In progress...

 The bench has been embellished with pink, blue, and yellow roses, it's also been distressed. Upholstered with a blue floral and rose pink pleated trim. The pillows are all loose and filled with a material that makes them appear real, along with a folded "quilt." Rag rug is braided from a yard each of the fabrics used.

 I didn't forget about the series for the Denver show, Part II will be coming soon and so will a giveaway.

Stay tuned! :)