Sunday, September 27, 2009

Using Organic Materials in Dollhouse Miniatures

I love how this shell decorated mirror came out.

I've been collecting shells since I was big enough to walk along the beach.
It's definitely a treasure hunt!

 I've refined my beach combing to just miniature shells.
This drastically cuts down the volume of shells that get brought home, that's for sure!

Most of the shells I collect are too tiny to be seen from standing up.

Recently, I went through my now extensive collection of  tiny miniature sea shells, so that I could start using them in my dollhouse miniature creations.

The shells were sorted by shape, size and type and then carefully washed with a mild solution of bleach in water.

Some people in the miniature world think Halloween all year round.
I think beach all year round. :)

I enjoy using organic materials when ever I can, when I make minis.

These twigs were gathered along the forest floor when I visited the Smoky Mountains.

I love the homey appeal it gives the print. :)

Well, that's all for now, until next time!

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Studio! Where I enjoy creating :)

This is my studio, up on the third floor of my house, I carved out some space for me to create in.

It may be home to all of the mismatched furniture and broken lamps, but, in my mind's eye, it's quite glamourous. :)

Here is where I sit when I am doing most of my hand sewing and pinning and turning.

Behind the chair, is my desk with my computer and telephone. (I'm sitting here right now! lol)

The third floor has three bays or dormers. This is the one that faces the street and lovely light comes through here. I cut fabric, paint, paste, pack and even take my pictures here. Recently, I stole hubby's bedside lamp, so it's on the table there now. A girl's gotta be able to see to create!

I have the ironing board set up all the time, makes it easy to just go over and you know, iron.

There's a chaise if someone wants to come and keep me company, or ie. watch my tv.

Behind the chaise is my packing center.

The next bay is where I sew. I love sitting there, it looks out to the trees and I feel like I'm in a tree house. A wonderful breeze blows in through that window, while I am sewing away. The tubs hold my fabrics and the one tub held my minis.... until they expanded and needed more locations to rest in.

I love those chinese chests, I have all of my baubles and beads, ribbons and bows in there. And lots of other little things that I'll be sure to make something out of for the dollhouse.

The last bay is just the stairwell and bookcases holding my minis for sale. For some reason, I don't have a picture of that, but, not to worry, you're not missing anything there. ;)

So, that's where I create. It's real comfy and what ever I'm working on at any station, has what I need within arms reach. I like it.

Have you blogged about where you create? I'd love to see it! :)

Almost forgot, I'm in a treasury at etsy, in fact not just one item, but two! Thank you berrybluecreations!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tiny Treasures and More!

This is a tiny tea set that I have from my mother when she was a girl. Isn't it sweet? It's one of my favorite treasures. :)
It's gotta be seventy some years old and was made in Japan.
Not the best quality there, but, I love it. :)
Of course, I didn't realise how cruddy it looks until I was editing the picture. Must have seventy plus years of dirt on it too. Lol, I guess I'll wash it the next time I have it out. ;)
So much is going on in the mini world!
Richard of minibydesign listed his art deco couch, so if you wanted to snatch it up, now is your chance, click here.
Stephanie of PetitPlat reminded me that my Blythe/Barbie pillows were on her blog. They look lovely in her streamlined modern setting dollhouse. Even though they were intended for larger dolls, as you can see from the picture, they fit in perfectly in 1/12th scale. Thanks, Stephanie for showing them on your blog. :)
Well, now that I have 75 followers, Thanks everyone for following my blog! I thought I'd remind you. I'm going to do another giveaway on my blog when I reach 100 followers. This time, I am going to offer a $20. gift certificate from my etsy shop. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is to comment on any of the blog postings since the last giveaway. I'll give you a hint, the last giveaway was in July. :)
I'm looking forward to getting back to playing with my dollhouse.
I have to order some electical supplies first, to get hubby started wiring it.
I'll blog more about that later.
There's new listings in my etsy shop, things for Christmas, Halloween and home decor. Stop by and take a look when you have the chance. Thanks!
More next time! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blog Feature! :)

I've just found out that one of my items has been featured on a blog. How cool is that? :)

It's on the Left Hand Maidens - Southpaw Sightings.   Check it out! :)

Thanks Lori, for including one of my items on your blog. :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

One Couch Three Ways! Art Deco!

I thoroughly enjoy doing custom work and collaborating with other miniaturists. You find yourself working on projects that you would not have thought.

It can be a bit challenging and frustrating at times, getting things from your mind's eye, to the actual item. After the challenge/frustration part, there is such a feeling of accomplishment and pride. Like you won over it.

Recently, I collaborated with Richard from minibydesign on etsy. He makes a lot of modern furniture, like this boomerang table. Now, he's dipping into the world of Art Deco.

The interest in Art Deco for dollhouses has been steadily increasing. It should! The designs from that age are so fabulous and luxurious.

Which brings me to this couch that Richard made. It's a replica of a Paul Frankl Streamline Sofa.

So, I collaborated with him on this lovely piece, I made him the cushions and upholstery for it.
In a gorgeous red/black fabric, depending on how the light hits it.
This luxurious silvery gray fabric.

And, this silky cream fabric.
Richard tells me that he's going to be listing this couch shortly, so, I'd keep an eye on his shop if you are interested in it. Be sure to see all of his other furniture while your there as well. He's even got a piece of dollhouse steam punk, but, I'm not going to link it, you have to go find it. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Little Black Cat Has Crossed My Path ;)

Isn't he just the most darling thing? This little black cat has been felted and has bead eyes and nose. He was made by Hanna you can view her etsy shop here and her blog here. She makes the most wonderful tiny felted creatures. And, she's also a team mate in MIDS (Miniatures in Dollhouse Scale at Etsy) I love her lion. :)
She had inquired about finding tiny feathers for an upcoming project. My hubby is a fly fisherman and ties his own flies, so he has a vast assortment of feathers. We sent some off to Hanna in Finland and as a thank you, she made me this little kitty.
He looks just like my Thor, my very first cat of my own.

Right down to the tiny white spot on his neck. :)
It is really hard to take pictures of felted creatures! If you click on the pictures for a larger version, he looks all hairy, but it's not like that in real life, my camera seems to pick up more than eyes do!
I hope you all enjoyed your Labor day holiday weekend. I labored on minis and am so glad for the fall school schedule and getting back to making miniatures again. Summer, was a bit too long this year. ;)
Talking about black cats, there's one in my shop now.
Just in time for Halloween decorating. :)

Until next time.... ;)