Sunday, May 23, 2010

Going on a little trip...

Well, I might need to pack the larger bags and not the mini ones. ;)

I'm going to Singapore to visit with Sans!
How cool, is that?!

I'm also going to get to meet Cindy, aka Snowfern.
And hopefully, I'll get to meet up with Jocelyn, Pei Li, and Asuka.

I've dubbed them the Singapore girls. All are members of TeamMIDS on Etsy. With the exception of Sans, who Cindy and I are trying to have join us as a collector member. Yes, you don't have to sell miniatures to belong to our team. :)

Needless to say, I am thrilled and excited beyond belief and am ever so grateful for Sans' enormous generosity. Thank you so much, Sans!
Sans and Cindy will be my tour guides and are going to immerse me in the Singapore culture. There is so much to see and do there. It's going to be a fabulous trip. :)

The luggage in the above picture is made by Whimsy Cottage Minis, one of my dearest friends. :) The hutch and carpet can be found in my etsy shop.

I used to think I'd have nothing to blog about. Now, I have so much to blog about and not enough time to do it all. I guess, that's why my blog posts tend to be on the long side. Oh, well! ;)

Some recent work for Ray of Minibuilder for one of his clients.
This is the inspiration photograph.
And, this is the finished result.
 I was so excited to win Tallulah Belle's giveaway.
I cannot commend Jayne near enough for how she did this giveaway. Such a novel idea, with a big impact for others.
Isn't this just the sweetest thing ever? I love it!
And, it is so tiny! As it always is with minis, they are always so much better in person, than the picture. I thought this would be like water pitcher size, but, it's more like creamer pitcher size. Tiny! :)
Thank you so much, Jayne!
Thank you for making a difference in other people's lives. :)

Until next time, my blogging friends... :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

More Screens and visit Tallulah Belle!

Does this screen look familiar? lol
I was inspired to make another, as the first one I made, I didn't even get it listed in my etsy shop and it was sold. That was a nice feeling and it's recipient seems quite pleased with it. :)
At Sans's suggestion, I went back to the store and looked for this same pattern in different colors.
This one is sage green.
This one is a chocolate brown.

They are all available in my etsy shop, click here.

You simply must stop by Tallulah Belle's blog,  (click here or) if you hit on the title of this blog entry, it will take you directly to her blog. She is doing a giveaway with meaning. I strongly encourage you to participate in this. I will be taking a cue from her the next time I do a give away as I find this to be truly inspirational.

I hope your week is off to a good start! :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day, Giveaway Winner and Welcome New Followers!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and those who mother out there! :)

This is the Madonna and Child inside Notre Dame in Paris. I thought it was fitting for mother's day.
My husband took this shot, I can't take credit for it.

And the winner of my giveaway is....
drum roll.....

Stephanie of  PetitPlat!
Congratulations, Stephanie!

I am sure I will have a good time creating something just for you.

Thanks to all of you who participated in this giveaway, it was fun! :)

Well, I have a lot of new followers to welcome since the last time!
A very warm welcome to all of you and thank you for following my blog. :)

Sara Carlson
Sagrario R.R-R
dana mocan
and those avartar-less
Mary Sue

Until next time! :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's come in the mail recently!

Finally, my urns have arrived! :)

They are from Golden Unicorn Minis, her shop has been on vacation, but it is now up and running again. :)
Don't they look fantastic? All the way around the plants are different, which is why I took a few pictures, I love all of the detailing, just like what I would have done with real life urns. Someday, they will flank the front door of my dollhouse.

If you would like to see the tutorial for faux finishing these aged urns, click here.

Porch or lawn chairs from Inside-Out Minis. She's taking a break at the moment, but, be sure to bookmark her shop for future reference. You can look at her sales to see previous work.

She customised these for me in black. I have these vintage chairs in real life and plan on vamping them up this summer and painting them black.

A mug tree, also by Inside-Out Minis. Another custom request from me, plain (without mugs) and painted black. Looks like iron work, doesn't it?

I have a tutorial from the gal at Inside-Out Minis to make clay tea cups. If one of you DIY'ers are interested in it, let me know in the comments. Some of you know, I'll never touch the clay, so I'll pass this along. If more than one are interested, I'll do a draw. It is completely detailed with color photographs, instructions and tools to accomplish it.

Table is by my buddy Ray of minibuilder on etsy.

I was able to get my mug and my husband's at a local craft shop, but, because my children have unusual names, they weren't available. :( 

But, I managed to find a guy on ebay named facetmulti and he created the mugs that I couldn't find. :)

I've been crazy busy as usual with life, family, custom orders and collaborations. I'm way behind on my blog reading, more than usual. Probably doesn't help that I've discovered Facebook, lol, but,  I see a lot of you out there, so that's nice. :)

I'm terribly behind on my personal correspondence and I'm hoping to get up with that soon, I haven't forgotten about you! :)

My giveaway is on Sunday, so if you would like to be included in it, just make a comment on that posting.

I'll see you on Sunday with the results. :)

As always, click on the pink links and poke the pictures to see them larger. :)