Friday, July 27, 2012

Some of the things I've been working on as of late :)

I've been in baby land! lol :)

I took these vintage dollhouse miniatures and gave them a face lift.

The inspiration was the children's fabric. Perfectly scaled for the dollhouse.

At first, I just bought it in pastel...

but, then the more I thought about it...

I went back and purchased it in the primary color.

It is so handy having our new quilt shop in town, it's just two blocks from my house and is owned by a friend of mine. As Martha would say, it's a good thing! :)

These will all be heading into my etsy shop shortly.

Some in sets and some singly.

All of the bedding is removeable, the quilt has been tacked in place and the bows are permanent.

The crib and changing table are sold as a set and will come with a bonus of these baby bundles.

When my oldest was in girl scouts, they would do "Baby Bundles" for mothers in need.

This is a set of six wash cloths, six folded cloth diapers, four flannel receiving blankets and two baby towels. All bundled up. :)

I also have a set to list separately in my etsy shop.

I love how these colors pop. 

Again here, the quilt is just tacked in place, the pillows (2) are loose.
The toy box has been upholstered to stand double duty as a bench.

A scaled down bassinet, this is probably the first bed for baby when it first comes home.

When my children were first born, they all spent some time in the family cradle until they outgrew it. :)

The walker reminds me of the one we had for our children.
It was red and white, too!

Something I did not have when my kids were little but, I did always want one, a wicker bassinet.

This has been white washed and the pillow and mattress are removeable, and they are also trimmed entirely with lace. 

The drawers of the changing table have been lined with a soft blue and white paper.

All of the furniture has been lightly sanded to show real life, normal wear and tear.
I think it adds to the realism. :)

So, these are some of the things I have been working on and there is more to come!

I've been trying to make as many items as I can for the Denver Dollhouse and Miniatures Show that I will be attending in September. I am so excited about that, it will be my first show ever!

My oldest sister lives in Denver and so do a great many of my miniature friends, plus many others that will be at the show. :)

I feel like a gerbil in the wheel!
Here I go, again! :)