Friday, November 20, 2009

Adding Contemporary Elements to Your Period Dollhouse

Yes, you can! :)

If fact you can do anything you want with your dollhouse. There are no rules that you have to abide by. Do what you want! lol ;)

You can take that tudor dollhouse and turn it into a shabby chic cottage if you want!

You can add modern design to Victorian dollhouses.

Collect what you like, design and decorate as you see fit. It's your house after all. :)

A touch of Asian in any room, lends an international feel, like a world traveler.
Contemporary and antique furniture can be mixed to form a classic traditional style.
Large scale pieces add a modern look to spice things up.

Go ahead, mix as many patterns and colors as you like.
You might just find that all of the things you like, end up blending together to show your own signature style in designing your dollhouse decor.

Hey, but that's just what I think. ;)

The chair is from minibuilder, the table is from turningsin, the blue and white china are from my private collection and the rest is in or will be coming soon to my etsy shop. :)

Now that I can see my followers again, I can welcome the new ones! :)
They are; Julie Old Crow who blogs mostly about mini food and has another blog here.
Deborah posts from the Netherlands about small stuff
elminimundodevane I don't see a blog or website listed
Anama who's coming back to blogging about minis after taking some time off.

Lest I forget Reisl Today, who got neglected the other day when I couldn't find her blog.

That's all for now, glad to be able to "see" my followers once again.

Hope I've given you some food for thought. :)


  1. I love mixing styles. My Glencroft has a wine country kitchen and hopefully a Japanese bath (still hammering away at that). I am planning a modern living room, and a cozy, perhaps shabby chic, bedroom. :) I can't wait til she's done, but I have a ton of projects to get out of the way first.

  2. Cool, Linda. :)

    I hear you about projects getting in the way. I keep forgetting I have a dollhouse, lol ;)

    How is that kitchen coming along? I was enjoying the progress on that. :)

  3. Hi dale, I didn't know you have a weblog, I couldn't find it on your profile before. Great picture of those classic and modern styles!
    I have placed my dollhouse in the 'now' too, so that even though I am basing most of the interior on centuries of history, I can still add anything I want, even contemporary elements.

  4. Josje, after Reisl blog didn't show up on her profile, I went to mine and edited it so mine would show up. I'm surprised I managed to get any followers without it showing up. ;)

    Thank you. :) I like mixing the old with the new as well, that way, I can have everything. :)

  5. wow, love that moderm style, congrats!.
    I´ve discovered your blog the other day, so great!.
    Hugs from Madrid.

  6. Love the black and white patterns, especially the pillow! If it had been in a smaller scale they would have fitted so nicely in Nora and Helmer's bedroom!

    As you know, I love using my doll's houses to try out new colour combinations and styles, so I totally agree with you!
    The most important thing is to have fun :-)

  7. Thanks, Helene. :)

    How small are their pillows?

    Absolutely, it's all about having fun. :)

  8. Oh wow, the fabric you are using in these is just glamorous. it's a lovely collection of things. Great work as always!

  9. Oh, Hanna, thank you so much. I love that fabric, really bumming I didn't buy more of it. :(

    The screen sold almost as soon as I listed it on etsy, so it's off to it's new home, it was hard saying good-bye to it. ;)

    It's good to "see" you Hanna. :)

  10. Dale, I measured the pillows, and the ones I use in their bed are almost 3x3cm and the pillows I use in the sofas are almost 2,5x2,5cm (about1"x1"), so quite small :-)

  11. Helene, that is tiny!

    (please, don't smack me) What scale is that again?

    I'm going to need crib notes for keeping track of all of the scales that everyone works in. ;)

  12. Ha, ha, no problem Dale :-)
    The scale i 3/4" or 1:16th scale which it's also called.


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