Friday, May 27, 2011


One, two, three....

Just trying to see if networked blogs is working....

I'll be back ;)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Epic Failure! :(

Yup, this was a big ol' failure! :(

I was making this for a friend and the fabric proved to be just too thick, even though I've used it in upholstery applications in the past, 
like here;

and here;

The sectional proved to be more difficult than this;

and this
and even this;

But, I'm not going to give up all that quickly.

I'm far too stubborn! lol ;)

Kim was our lucky winner in the giveaway and she chose the blue set.

With any luck, she has already received it. :)

So, what do you do with the failures and the things that just don't cut the mustard?
Save them as a reminder of where you started?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! Swap and Giveaway!

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely Mother's Day! :)
My middle made me this lovely vanilla and strawberry cake! Yummy!!! :)

Thank you all so much for joining in on my swap and giveaway! :)
This has been a lot of fun and look at what delightful items have been swapped!

Sonya >>>>> Lyssa

Mine has not arrived yet and I've not heard back yet from Jaana.
You can click on everyone's names to visit their blogs. :)
New followers to Welcome! :)
Amazing Miniatures
Roz & Aidy
Thank you so much for following my blog! :)

And for the giveaway!
The winner gets to choose one of the following sets;

Blue and Yellow

Hubby lent a hand to the giveaway process. :)

and the winner is.....
Sound the trumpets!
Congratulations to Kim!

Thank you all so much for playing along, this has been the most fun.

I love all the items that were exchanged in the swap, everyone is just so creative and so thoughtful. :)
I so hope that everyone really gets to enjoy the day. Mine is most assuredly off to a great start after getting to see Mr. Darcy this morning. lol ;)
I'm off to go get my oldest at college with hubby while the other two are working. We'll have a nice long ride in a beautiful part of the country.
I'll catch up with you all during the week. :)