Thursday, April 22, 2010

Merry Christmas! LOL ;)

Okay, it's not Christmas, it's not even close!

But, when I found this, I had to make it!
These coordinating items, quilts, tree skirts and socks can now all be found in my etsy shop.

Etsy has a new treasury program called Treasury East. Stephanie of PetitPlat, you can find her blog here, put me in her lovely green treasury. Thank you, Stephanie. :)

One of my items was featured on Jill Draper Blogs she did a feature on miniature items after having read the recent NY Times article on modern minis. Thank you, Jill. :)

The aluminum tree was made by De of De-Lightful Minis and Minide.

I'm over whelmed at the response to my giveaway. This should be fun!
Hang in there with me, I've gotta play catch up! :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Surprise Giveaway! Blog Anniversary! Over Two Hundred Followers! Hooray!!!

Wow! So much going on, so I thought I would celebrate with you all. :)

May 8th of last year was my very first blog post and my very first dipping of the toe into blogland.
I have learned so much in this past year. I knew nothing about blogging and I'm still learning.

I never realised the people I would encounter, the friendships I would begin forming and the vast amount of things I have learned in the mini world. So much is out there that I never even dreamed of. I enjoy reading all of the blogs that take you along mini adventures in the miniature world.

So, nearing the first anniversary of my blog and seeing that I now have over two hundred followers, I thought I would do a special give away. This one is to be a surprise, something specifically created for the winner.
I will draw this on Mother's day which will be May 9th, so you have plenty of time to sign up. Just comment on this post between now and then to have a chance to win. :)

Now, to Welcome my latest new followers, they are;

Thank you all, for following my blog. :)

So, I learned the other day though Casey, of Casey's Miniatures that tuquoise is the new color. You can read about it here. Funny, that I was working on the project above, it's the *in* color! If you've never been to Casey's blog, do check it out. She is very funny and is most generous with tutorials and helpful advice.

We must be on similar wave lengths, since when she had posted a tutorial on hat making, I had just made a hat for a swap. And, now the turquoise link. ;)

The Ikea inspired table was made by Yuki of Amatheria.  The acrylic turning was made by Bertie of Bertie's Miniatures.The screen, pillows and rug/floor cloth will be heading into my etsy shop soon.

Currently, I'm working on Christmas items. I know, I know! What am I thinking? lol, but, I saw something that caught my eye and it just had to be brought to fruition. :)

As always, all the pink words are clickable so clickaway and don't forget to leave a comment if you want to be entered in the giveaway. Gotta run, I hear life calling me. ;)

***This post has been edited. I inadvertantly credited the wrong artist of the turning. It has now been updated to reflect the correct artist. My deepest apologies for my very embarrassing error! :(  ***

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Before and Afters

Some custom work I've done recently.

For some reason, I did not get a picture of this bed before, so this is just the after.
Before, it was just a plain mattress, no bedding.



Before, a vanity stool that will be in the same room as the first bed.

After, it now coordinates with the bedding.


After, some pillows on the chair to raise the baby up to table height and a nice starched white table cloth for the table.


After, painted to compliment the room's decor.

Settee 1 before

After, I made pillows also, but, didn't get a shot of them on the settee.

Settee 2 before

and After! :)

Lots of new followers to Welcome!
Thank you for following my blog. :)

Meli Abellan
Julie Kendall

All of the pink ones are clickable links, so go ahead and check out their blogs. :)
Thank you all! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Swap! Swap Di Pasqua!

Finally, I can show the swap pictures, Yay!!! :)

This was an Easter Swap run by Caterina. :)
I sent my gift to MiniLisa and I received mine from Paky.

Here's what I received. :)

It was wrapped really well for travel.

Oh,  a cute box, what is in here?!

Lots of little goodies! :)

A shopping bag for Easter and an Easter basket filled with goodies.

A coloring book and colored pencils, exactly the kind of thing that I would put in my kids baskets when they were little. A bag of jelly beans! A teddy bear (is he made from a pipe cleaner? I've heard about that) Cute, cute, cute!
My most favorite part, the box of Ferrero Rocher, some of my most favorite chocolates in the world!
I'm going to treasure all of these little goodies for quite a long time. Thank you so much Paky, I love it all! :)

Even though, this was my first swap, I think it was the best swap evah! :)

Since Lisa has already shown her gifts, I can post it here.

I was originally going to do a wreath of flowers, but, I couldn't find flowers that I liked. When I saw this trim, I was inspired. An Easter Bonnet! (or an Easter Pillbox hat, lol). I was pretty sure this was an American culture thing, so I included the words to the broadway hit, In her Easter bonnet... in both English and Italian. I also sent along a little poster with bunnies and I made her some bunny and chick pillows.

This was so much fun!

Thank you, Caterina for running the swap. I can't wait to see what everyone has gotten.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter is Coming :)

It's been a busy time in my studio as of late. :)

Since Easter is almost here, I thought I'd share some blooms with you in anticipation of the day.
And a peek at the Easter Swap run by Caterina.

and a little cutie enjoying the gorgeous weather. She's tanning. ;)

Here is my package I received from Paky.
Mine went to MiniLisa.

But, we have to wait til Easter for the big reveal. :)

So, on Easter, I'll show what is inside the box. :)

Later, I have lots of new work to share with you and hopefully some new items to list in my etsy shop. :)