Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Summer Vacation, by dale LOL ;)

Warning, this post is picture heavy. You might want to get a cup of tea first.
We interupt dollhouse miniatures for vacation photos. No you can not leave, you just sit right there and enjoy it. ;)
My view, driving in tandum.

We arrived!

Our first guest. Of course, I said, "Hello, dear!" :)

The sun was just beginning to set.

Look at the beautiful pastel colors!

View from the left.

Straight ahead.

And to the right.

The next day, the sky was this brilliant shade of blue.

How to hide from the sun 101.

Much better inside the Cabana tent. :)

The "Compound." Boys tent is in the front, then the girls tent and then the parental units are in the back. The cabana is just peeking out from behind the truck.

I love this tent! It's huge for one thing, and you can unzip it and let the sides gather like curtains. We'd do that, but, it's also our protection from the mosquitos, that feasted on us the night before when we had no where to hide!

Our little place in the sand. :) I have more pictures of middle daughter sleeping at the beach, apparently, that's how she spent the majority of her time.

Oldest brought along a Chemistry text so she could try to test out of taking the class. Which she did succeed at. :)

Daddy and Mommy and baby makes three. Some painted ponies. When horses are on the beach, it's hot. When they're in the water it's really hot!

Here's my "MOMster" truck at our other favorite beach, the National Park, where you can drive right up to the ocean. :) It's very cool there.

The gang in the water. We brought oldest daughter's bf along with us.

The view from in front of the truck.

To our left.

And, to the right. Vehicles park around two hundred feet apart.

Hubby made me take this picture. Our baby among the clouds.

So peaceful. See how far away the other cars are? I must have had the camera on telephoto for the other shots.

Here's a motley crew if ever there was one.

After a storm. No one's on the beach, dangerous rip tides.

This is low tide. We lost half of the beach to the ocean.

See the line in the sand? That's where high tide is, half way up the dune. When hurricanes are coming up the coast, it's not unusual for the ocean to go over the dune.

And then, there were two. I took oldest off to college and hubby took the younger two to band camp.

One day, the ocean was this lovely shade of green.
Last day four wheeling.

This guy is the "Terminator." (giggles)
Well, that's all folks, hope you enjoyed the show.
Next time, we'll go back to miniatures. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello All! :)

Haven't been keeping up with blogging. (sigh)

My summer didn't go as planned, but, I'm sure you all know how that can be.

I'll be heading off to vacation soon, hoping to be running on a better schedule in September.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, while it's here. :)

Until next time! ;)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Glider/Rocker Cushion Make Over Tutorial! :)

I know I promised this tutorial a while back, I have finally gotten around to it. :)
If you click on the title, you will find a link to where you can purchase this glider. These instructions are pretty much the same if you are redoing rocker cushions as well.
First, you want to trace the existing cushions that you would like to change. Add around a 1/2" around the pattern and cut out.

You'll need to cut two for the front and back of each cushion, back cushion and bottom cushion.

All cut out! :)

Now, put front sides facing one another.

Sew each on the machine, 1/2" seam allowance.

Clip around the edges, look at the back cushion.
Then trim close, look at the bottom cushion.

Turn them right side out.

Stuff lightly.

The sew up each piece closed, and tuft! :)

Finish! Both pieces are tufted and ready to take their place on the glider.

Here's the before, the after is at the top of the page.
And, there you go! Easy peasy!
Or, have me make them for you. lol ;)
Sorry some of the pictures are a bit on the blurry side, I blame these old eyes. ;)
Oh, and I'm in another treasury at etsy. This one was made by MostlyArt, a delightful miniature clay sculpter who specialises in Arts and Crafts pottery. Thanks, Mostly. :)