Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mission Couch

It was a busy week of miniature making in dalesdreams studio. ;)  Since sunshine couldn't be found outside, I turned on all the lights and made my own sunshine inside. :)
This is a mission couch I upholstered for Ray of minibuilder on etsy.

His work is so incredible.

I used to work in an antiques shop and after a while, your hand knows what the good stuff is by the way it feels in your hand.

Fine glass, you can tell when you hold it, same with fine china. A strand of real pearls, I'll never forget the first time I held a strand of real pearls, I absolutely know why women love them so much! ;)

That is the same with handling one of Ray's creations. Fine detailing and craftsmanship, this couch feels so good in your hand.

I love this fabric, it looks like aged leather in 1/12th scale.

Last time I looked, it wasn't in his shop yet, but, I'd keep an eye out for it. It's a wonderful compliment to the mission chair and ottoman he has in his shop now.

Not many trick or treaters this year. :(
Could have been the damp weather.

Hope you have an enjoyable Halloween. :)

Oh, some funny thoughts before I go. What unusual things turn up in your work room? This week, I had a pot lid and a large bread knife in my studio. Hubby was afraid to pick up the pot lid, he thought there might be a mouse trapped under it. Not!

The pot lid was a template for a circle to make a pattern for a table cloth. By the way, did you know most plates are around 10" in diameter? I needed a nine inch circle.

The bread knife, I used to shave down a piece of half inch foam into a piece of 1/4" foam. Not an easy task I tell you. ;)

Alright, until next time! :)

***Update, he's listed the couch, you can find it here.***


  1. I think your upholstery job is outstanding! That's why Ray picked you. Only the best for the best.

    It must be so fascinating working in an antique shop! Love antiques!

  2. Awww, thanks Sans. :) Actually, I picked him, he had a lovely little chair that he just threw a piece of white foam in it and it was screaming at me that it needed more attention for such a fine chair. And, thus, our collaborations began. ;)

    I loved working at the antique shop, I learned so much about so many different things and got a lot of really cool stuff too, before it went on the showroom floor. :)


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