Friday, October 23, 2009

In the Pink with Minis! :)

Well, if you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know that I love hot pink.
You might have already guessed that from my banner. ;)

So, I thought I would share with you, my dear readers, some minis in my collection that are pink. :)

This is an acrylic turning from BertiesMiniatures. It is so shiny, it seems like it's glass. I love the combination of the organic shape of the colors combined with the pure traditional lines of the vase.

This is so tiny, you would not believe how hard it was to get a clear photograph of it!
This is a wedding cake topper from WhimsyCottageMinis.
She has become a dear, dear friend over the past year and she gave this to me, because it was the same as my wedding cake topper when I got married. I had a pink cake. :)  And, a pink wedding gown. :)

She has also given me a black and pink necklace but, it was even tinier and I could not manage to get a picture of it, no matter how much I tried. :(  I don't know how you do it Whims, taking the pictures or making the tiniest things I've ever seen with such great details and attention to those details. :)

I love the traditional shape of this turning. The hot pink is a nice surprise. :)
This turning was made by MikeRowe and the lid is even removeable.
Mike has been making miniature guns and they are just incredible!

I got this miniature painting from SandBoxArt. The flowers remind me of rhododendrons. Is there anyone out there that hasn't dreamed of a house with a white picket fence? lol I think this painting is going to get a shiny black frame.... someday... :)

Christmas is around the corner and shabby chic gals know, no home is complete without a pink Christmas tree, or two, or three. :)  I've never had a pink tree in RL. ;)

The tiny pair, will look cute on a table or perhaps the fireplace mantle...
These trees came from saturdayfinds. I just peeked in her shop and she's starting to list more of these bottle brush trees. I had gotten these last year.

I got this cute suede suitcase from minide, you might know her from her blog.
Isn't this cute! :)

This little treasure I brought back from Paris.
Yup, I mention Paris when ever possible. lol
It truly is one of the best cities in the world!
Every romantic thing they say about it, is so true. :)

The majority of these things came from Etsy.
Many of them are from my mates from TeamMIDS, a group of artisans that create in 1/12th scale.

I hope you enjoyed my show and tell in Pink. :)
Here's hoping you're in the pink as well.


  1. I love all the pink, Dale, and thanks for sharing my suitcase.

  2. You are very welcome, De. :)

    I'm so glad I have it. :)

  3. I must admit I'm not usually a fan of pink, but I love the vase from BertiesMiniatures and even more the MikeRowe turning!

  4. Pubdoll, they are treasures! :)

    I never even knew what turnings were before, but, I have since learned a lot and find the art amazing!

    I hope you took a peek into their shops, they have the most incredible things. :)

  5. I just realized you are the creator of those WONDERFUL cat pillows I covet! Hehe, I showed them to my BF as a christmas hint.
    They are great!

  6. oh, Reisl, thank you. :)

    Yup that's me purveyor of pillows. ;)

    Tell him to give me a note to buyer and tell me who they are for and I'll send along an extra goodie for you. :)


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