Sunday, February 28, 2010

Updates and Info

Resin chairs revisited.

My customer wanted all of the gold painted out so the chairs would fade into the background.
Easy enough to do, and while I had the paint brushes out, I went over the upholstery again.

These had been sitting at my work table staring at me and I couldn't take it anymore, lol.
I think they look much better now. :)

Bottle cages and what you can do with them. :)

Christel had asked that I post a picture of the bottle cages. Champagne isn't the only place you can find them, they come on some beer bottles as well.

There is an anual contest for making chairs out of the cage and cork from a champagne bottle, you can read more about it here.

Christel made chairs out of the cages you can see them here.

Sabiha made a fire pit out of one, you can see it here.

Amazing what the imagination can come up with, isn't it?

What came in the mail recently. :)

Recently, I got a sweet package in the mail. :)

I had gotten a convo on etsy from Janet, a fellow team member on the minimakers team, she wanted to know where I got my hutches as her supply had run out. Well, you know a mini maker in need is a friend in deed. ;)  I picked her up a bunch of hutches and sent them to her. She sent this as a thank you. I told her it was totally unnecessary, but really sweet. :)  A lovely thank you card, a cute tin which inside was a little note pad and a gift certificate to a hobby store. That won't go to waste, lol!

Check out her shop here on etsy FeathersForTheNest. She makes really cute filled hutches. :)

New followers to welcome!
Lara, Un Taller de Miniaturas, makea kuu, sandy36054 and Petite Creation!
Thank you for following me. :)

Well, I didn't mean to have such a long post, but, I'm catching up. Seems I can't create and blog simultaneously, I'm too myopic and have been wearing my creative blinders as of late.

until next time.... ;)


  1. So nice of her to reciprocate in the swap and such a cute filled tin!


  2. Dales hello! how are you? hope so!
    I announce that I am organizing a swap of Easter, if you want to participate you can leave a comment on my blog, thanks!
    kisses, Caterina

  3. haha! I see how the gold bits can irritate you. Shiny gold gets to me too, in a bad way :).

  4. Jody, it wasn't a swap at all, but I won't let her do that again, very sweet of her though. :)

  5. Caterina, sweet! :) Thanks for the invite, I'll check out your blog and see what you have in mind. :)


  6. Oh, Sans! hugs, dear one!

    I've just caught up and see that you are back now from your travels, I've been following along in the emails. :)

    Sounds like you had the most wonderful time. (tiny bit jealous!)

    Oh, the gold did not bother me at all, I love the glittery stuff, but, I work for the master. lol ;)
    (my poor job on defining the upholstery was bugging me)

    The client gets what they want, that's my motto. :) I'm not happy until they are. :)

  7. Hello Dale
    The metals look just like the champagne ones:) The should be great for so much don't you think?

  8. Yes, Christel, I'm sure lots can be done with them.

    Did you see the link, they posted the winners of this year's contest, I wasn't able to find it before when I posted on your blog, they must have announced just recently.


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