Saturday, March 6, 2010

Laugh Riot!

Isn't this?
Recently, Becky got this tri paneled screen from me, she left me this as an appreciation picture. Is this hysterical or what? It brings a smile to my face everytime I look at it. She said she didn't think her dolls have the concept of it yet. LOL! ;)  (okay, we just don't acknowledge that they are actually trolls and not dolls, don't tell Becky!) (snickers!!)
Sissy got this motivational tag from Becky. She is a good girl, she said, now everyone who sees her tag will know for sure. :) She said, what? you question that?

She was checking out the new bed linens. They met her approval. ;)

Becky also sent along some more cute! Thanks so much, Becky! :)
You can find all of these in Becky's shop "beckynot" and more here.
What's really sweet is that her etsy shop supports small dog rescues. Sissy of course, approves of that, she's a rescue from Mississippi. We call her Sissy from Mississippi. ;)

She only came with her name, which is appropriate, she is a big ol' sissy! ;)

So, my winner of my birthday giveaway, Cindy posted about it on her blog. Scroll down to see the pictures of Yotsuba enjoying all of her cushions. I couldn't  get a direct link to that particular post. No matter! You'll find a great tutorial on glass and bottles there so be sure to check it out.
You can find Cindy's etsy shop here.

Welcome to my new followers, Angeles, Susanne, Becky, Karin, Kiwi, Anneke and Bassom Bear.

I have to give you the link to Bassom's etsy shop, she makes the most adorable tiny bears and other things like bunnies for the dollhouse. Her work amazes me and I have several of her items and have gotten some for my one sis who is a bear collector. Sis said of her most recent bear, "This is the most precious thing I own!"

Thank you all for following my blog. :)

beckynot, snowfern and bassomsbears are all members of teamMIDS on etsy. You can use that search term to find more quality dollhouse miniatures on Etsy.

Until next time! ;)


  1. Aaah so cute, the trolls , oops sorry - dolls, are playing peek-a-boo :-)
    Love the pillows Cindy won, seems Yotsuba did too :-)

  2. A long long time ago, I collected these DOLLs. :) Just love their crazy hair lol. Becky has good taste! O why did I throw them away :). Or did I? hmm..must go find.

    That screen is gorgeous, Dale! And all those pillows (just like mine did) suited Cindy's Yotsuba perfectly.

    You are so good with your members Dale :).

  3. Helene :)

    Sans, did you find them?

    I enjoy promoting my team mates. :)

  4. Your dog, is wonderful!!! And the tag too ;)

  5. Wow, I've been all like, recognized :P

    I just stumbled upon this... I've always liked miniatures... there's something fascinating about the small details.

    I'd like to start with my own house, but as a high school student, soon to be college freshman, I don't think I've got much time for this. Then again, I'm going into architecture, so who knows what I'll be doing in college.

  6. Kiwi, it's so nice to see young people interested in miniatures. :)

    I can say that, cause, I'm old enough to be your mother. LOL!

    Check this gal out, she was an architect student in France and she just graduated last year.

  7. Hi!!! I'm Paky, and I have to send you a Pascua gift from CATERINA'S SWAP (las minis di cockerina). My mail is

    Please, write me an email with your adress for send you the gift...



  8. Hi Paky, I emailed you and stopped by your blog as well. This will be fun. :)

  9. Thank you, Maria Jose. She's my baby. :)

  10. Hey, wait a moment. Just read this entry, and they are too dolls! Sissy agrees with me, don't you, Sissy?

  11. Of course Sissy agrees with you.

    She's a good girl after all. ;)

    And, everyone who commented also agreed.

    You got me thinking they are dolls!


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