Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Birthday Give Away!!! :)

I'm 45 and still alive! lol ;)

Computer is back up and running, thanks to hubby and the techs at dell. :)

So, to celebrate my birthday today, I thought an impromtu give away is in order.

This is open to all of my followers (not a follower? sign up!).

All you have to do, is visit my etsy shop here and come back and post your favorite item and tell me why it's your favorite or what you like about it.

I'll do the drawing on Sunday. :)
Good luck and have fun! :)

ps. Are you having trouble getting to follow me? I've had contacts about that. No worries, if you are having any problem following me contact me by email, or leave a comment. I don't want anyone to feel excluded, I don't do that! :) Truly! :)


  1. WOW I'm the first to leave a comment! Maybe I'll be lucky and win.

    Okay, this was easy. My favorite is the Dollhouse Miniature Pillow Cat Tiger Striped faux Cheetah Kitty. So CUTE. Hands Down Favorite. I LOVE cats.


  2. Happy Birthday! You're a mere child--I turned 47 on January 7th! I love this rug:

    So much so that I ordered one for Joanna's house that is sitting in my basement awaiting me to return to it and get it finished! I love your pillows as well but this rug is to die for!


  3. Hello, you have true wonders in your store, but my favorite is the white furniture with the background of flowers, is a perfect contrast.
    Many congratulations on your birthday and a hug from Spain, Sonia.

  4. Hi Dale! Happy Birthday, and glad you're back! I LOVE the green modern carpet, I love it because of the color, and the fact that it looks so contemporary and stylish. I am always on the lookout for modern furnishings for my scenes, and rugs can be hard to find! :)

  5. Dale- I went to choose a favorite and got lost over there! It is so hard to choose!!! I think I would have to say the tortise kitty pillows are my fave- because they remind me of my sweet PurrPurr kitty in real life :) I also really love the heart pillows and I am really digging the colorful 70's looking pillows too---and your hutches are all so nice--do I have to choose one favorite???? Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

  6. Bk, you visited my blog. I am honored. :) Thank you! :)

    Marilyn, I'll put a star next to your name. :)

    Thanks, Peach! :)

    Thanks, Sonia. :)

    callsmall, that fabric demanded to be made into a carpet. I love the scale of the pattern. I too am developing quite a penchant for modern styling. I really admire your style, btw. :) Thanks for the wb and birthday wishes. :)

    Well, Kim, if you don't choose one, how will I know what to give if you win? ;) Thanks for the birthday wishes. :)

    (((blog friends))) I knew this would be the best way to celebrate the day. :)

  7. i like 'em all. :( but i think my fave has to be ....

    *goes back and looks again*




    can't decide XD well i haven't won any blog giveaways yet, so i guess it doesn't matter which is my fave LOL!

  8. Happy Birthday Dale! How sweet to offer US a gift on YOUR birthday! :D
    I love all of your shell mirrors! Not surprised, are you? They are each so detailed and perfectly made!
    I also like your "K" monogrammed pillow but would rather it wasn't black and white. You wouldn't have that fabric in other colors, would you?
    Thanks so much for all of your inspiration and generosity!
    Blessings, Kathi

  9. Cindy, you are too funny! Thanks, sweetie!

    I love you! :)

    You'll probably end up being the winner as you can't decide, tee hee. ;)

  10. Kathi, you changed your avatar! lol ;) Well, I've just spent the last hour catching up with you on your blog. You are one busy lady and I can't believe you haven't even been mini-ing for that long.

    Thank you for the compliments and birthday wishes. :)

    I only have the alphabet pillows in black and white unfortunately, but, if you tell my your color preference, I can keep my eye out for the future. :)

    I love the shell mirrors, too. lol, just a bit biased, the one with a ton of shells on it, is my fave. :)

  11. Happy Bday Dale!

    Dale, glad your Dell's working again... nothing as frustrating as car and computer trouble!

    First time I have been to your Etsy! You make lovely pillows and especially the one above. The screens are darling too!

  12. Happy Birthday Dale! Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Thanks for giving us the chance to win one of your gorgeous items! I really love the 'Miniature Oriental Persian Style Carpet Rug' because it has the colours that would very much match with the bedroom in my new house.

    Bye bye
    groetjes Evelien

  13. Dale, you're a little girl .. I also this summer July 14th I will be 47 years!! many many good wishes, that health is always good, that money is not missing anything, and you can realize all your dreams!
    About your Etsy, your thumbnails are all beautiful, but what I prefer, because they sing better with my doll's house are two carpets:
    1)Traditional Rug Sage Peach 12th Scale Oriental Persian
    2)Persian Oriental Style Traditional Contemporary Rug Runner
    Is incredible, from the photo they seem to really chenille!
    But I also love the red heart-shaped pillows, and the wreath of roses .. right for a fairy!
    Happy birthday, from my heart!

  14. Lize, thank you. :)
    I agree, there is nothing worse than car and computer troubles!
    I'm glad you ventured into the shop. :)

    Evelien, thank you. That rug is quite popular!

    Ah, Caterina, thank you, you have my heart. :) I do still feel like a little girl, I hope I never lose that feeling.
    I hope that "that money is not missing anything" least of all me. ;) I'm working on the dreams bit. :)

  15. I managed to be here before the deadline!! woohooo! My favourite item is the Miniature Shabby Chic Hutch Red Roses China Cabinet White. It's so pretty!! :)

    Happy birthday Dale, and hope I win! :P

  16. Happy Birthday!
    My favorite item was everything, you are a very talented person. Love everything.
    God Bless

  17. BJ, how sweet! :)

    I just found your blog, I'm your first follower. :)

  18. Hi Dale, I just joined at your suggestion. How wonderful to invite us to your Etsy store. While I was there I fell in love with the little persian rug in green, peach and rust. When I first saw it it looked like a rug that would feel dreamy under your bare feet not to mention it is in my favorite colors and absolutely beautiful! You have some very original items and I will be back to visit when it is time to decorate my house. Happy Birthday!

  19. Hi Cheryl. Thank you. :)

    I'm following your blog now, too. I tried to post a comment, but, it wouldn't let me. :(

  20. Happy belated Birthday!! those kitty (one eye) pillows! Seems to me like the kitty is keeping its eye out in case some misguided rodent could wander past.

  21. Ha ha! Karen, I see them as real life kitties are always peeking in the dollhouse windows. :)

    Followed by a paw reaching in the doorway to bat at things. ;)


  22. :(

    I know I am very late and I am not doing this for the prize, obviously. By the way, you should maybe put your etsy shop on the right bar.

    I LOVE ALL your stuff but my fav are your cushions! And all time fav are the ones you made for me.:)



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