Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcome Snow and New Followers! :)

We've had two snow storms this past week.

This is during the storm. My view from out the front.

Here it is a couple days later. View from out the back.

And more? is coming!

I love it when it snows, it's always so magical. It gets really quiet and the house gets warmer.
Everything looks beautiful in the snow and the best part, the world stops for a moment.
And, everyone stays home. :)

I love to view it from the inside out. :)

Lots of new followers to welcome! Thank you for following and leave me a comment sometime. ;)

Mels Minis and Scrapbooking, she has two blogs here (love her blog layout, lol!) and here.

Allie Lakin, I don't see a blog listed, if you have one dear, let me know.

Jocelyn Teo, a teamMIDS member, she's a miniature food artist, her blog is here and you can find her etsy shop here.

miniannalee and you can find her blog here.

.Kim of Daisy Cottage, I love her blog, it's eye candy! You can see it here.

byrdgrl, I don't see a blog listed.

Cheryl who has two blogs, here and here. She has an old yellow dollhouse, as do I! :)

and aru who has a blog here.

So, Welcome, Welcome! :)
Thanks for following. :)


  1. I haven't done much blogreading lately, being busy preparing for this weekends posts, so happy belated birthday Dale, so nice we're almost the same age :-)

    And I agree, snow is beautiful, everything look so clean and bright! We have been so lucky to keep the snow all winter.

  2. We actually had snow here in Upstate SC Friday but still made it to the Atlanta mini show yesterday! And speaking of followers, I now have reached the 200 mark so will have to stage a little giveaway myself!


  3. Yes, if I live in a country with snow, that will be the best part of a snow storm, staying in. Bundle up, my friend and here are some warm thoughts all the way from where it is hot as hell! :):)


  4. Thanks, Helene. :)
    It's always brighter after a snowfall when all of the rays reflect off of all of the white. Brightens up the dark winter!

  5. Hey Peach!
    Congratulations! I'll have to pop over to your blog. I want to hear all about the mini show, too! :)

  6. (((Sans))) Here, I'll send you a virtual snow cone to cool you off. lol! ((>

    Thanks for the warm thoughts. :)

  7. So many people got hit with those storms, I have family who've been trapped inside for a week.... my twin sister has over 50 inches! But here I sit, further North of them in NYC praying it will come my way and when it does it's 'lame-o' . I want the mother of all blizzards. That's what makes me most happy. Your scenes are lovely! Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

  8. sMac,wow! 50 inches! I hope your family has enough food in the house.

    And no, you can't have our snow. lol ;)

    We are due for eight more inches I hear.... I have no idea where they're going to put this next snow!

  9. I do have a blog!! You are so sweet to ask!

    Yay! :)


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