Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Winner Is.......

I had hubby pick it. ;)

It's a sweet gal who's also one of my team mates on teamMIDS.

Cindy aka Snowfern!!!

She is such a fun gal, great sense of humor and so much fun to be around.

Congratulations, Cindy!

Go hop over to my shop and pick out what ever you want. :)

You can find Cindy's shop on etsy here.

I'm so glad I did this, it was truly the best way to celebrate my birthday. :)

Oh, and a really big thank you to all of you that helped me celebrate my birthday, it is really much appreciated. :)


  1. Aren't give a ways so much fun!? I got to choose the winner of mine today too!
    Congratulations to Cindy! I love her cupcake papers. They are so cute!


    YAY!!!! *tosses confetti!!!*

    *excited* i knew it i knew it when i saw your post on the teammids thread and i was thinking, EHHH DID I WIN??

    I DID I DID!!!! (tweety-bird style)!!!

    ok. now is the hard part :( i can't pick, so could you pick something for me?? EVERYTHING IS SO LOVELY :( yes, i am often plagued with indecision...

  3. Cindy, you are too funny!

    Must be why I love you so much! :)

    Go pick! pick two, pick three!

    You're a nut! :)

  4. i'm already bragging about it all over my facebook (and there's a space there waiting for you to fill it XD ) and i'm like AHHH i gotta call bf and brag about it to him HAHAHAHAH *bats self senseless*

    thank you thank you!!!


    ok ok uhmmmmm i still can't decide....please put me out of my misery and pick something for me? *bats eyelids* tee hee. just anything you have a spare of will do ^ ^

    *arms akimbo* MWA HA HA

  5. Cindy, I love you! :)

    You are such a nut, it's a good thing.

    No, darling, you have to pick.


  6. wahh~~ ok ok :D this is like when i was a kid, and mom would leave us at the toy department, and tell my brother and i to just pick ONE toy....and by the end of the day i'd still be agonizing over which to pick (bro would have already chosen an item within 5 mins) mom would say it's time to go home, and i go home with nothing ; ;

    well. i guess it's time to start furnishing my cafe then. i think i like....

    but it's not 1:12 right? or maybe

    or ...dangit here i go again LOL see why Yuki's trade is taking so long too? I couldn't decide what i wanted i want 'em allll!!!!! XD

    thanks for putting up with me. *sheepish*

  7. Congratulations to Cindy for her win!
    since she is so undecided, I can take the prize??? ah ah! I joke!
    happy birthday again Dale!

  8. Nice try, Caterina. ;) Maybe you win the next one. :)

    Cindy, you can have both, I don't dare try to get you to choose. ;)


  9. Congratulations to Cindy!!!

    And Happy Belated Birthday to Dales again! What a wonderful way to celebrate your bday!!

    Pei Li

  10. OMG, have you been posting ??? I must have missed it AGAIN!

    How???? Think I don't scroll back far enough. Following close to 200 blogs sometimes means being very late! Or worse, never! Sorry! I missed your birthday , darling! :(:(

    But I am so happy for Cindy! So how's that for kismet? 2 Singaporeans winning both your draws! I will just have to join in the joy and throw you some confetti/birthday cake and here's the birthday song too:

    (That has to be the most sung sentence of all time!)*muah!

  11. Sans! I understand you completely. :)

    I think I'm following a 150?

    I have no idea, I like what I see, so I follow.

    It does become rather daunting when you want to contribute respectfully. There isn't all of the time! Sadly :(

    I read up in bulk. :)

    Thank you, for the kind wishes, much appreciated. :)


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