Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trojan Virus

My laptop got one. Looks like I'm going to lose everything on my computer. :(

So, there's probably not going to be blog posts for a while. :(

The good news, is that I still have internet connection on another computer. :)
Maybe, I'll get all caught up on my blog reading now. :)


  1. So sorry to hear it! I hope you get things fixed soon! And luckily your blog will be kept safe at blogspot waiting for your return :-)

  2. Ouch! My graphics card crashed on Xmas Eve (I think). I took the hard disk from the old laptop and bought a new one. I then transferred all my doll house files to the new laptop. Can you do that? I will so miss your post :) especially your new work. But I will check your Etsy ? Just post your new stuff, Dale.

  3. oh no Dale! Getting a virus is the worst! I will think positive thoughts for you and your computer :(

  4. Thanks guys! Unfortunately, I don't think I can get any of my pictures off of the lap top. :( It did too much damage.

    I am grateful for the stuff still being on my blog and in my shop.

    Maybe, it's a blessing in disguise to start out the new year fresh.

    We'll see. ;)

  5. Dale, I have not changed anything in my blog! to translate all the pages of my posts at once, you should click on the flag of your country, right column: a white band appears at the top of Google Translate, in the left choose "Italian" and in right field, is already out "English" (or another language you have chosen with the flag)... Just click on the gray button "translate" and all my blog will be written in your language ... I hope it was helpful.
    Thanks for the comments!!

  6. Hey, my laptop was out of commission for a couple weeks due to a fried motherboard, I feel for you, Dale!! You'll be up soon, don't worry!! It really sucks, though :-/.

  7. Thanks, Caterina. I posted on your blog. :)

    Kiva! It's back up and running. :)
    I think I lost some stuff, but, most my hubby was able to save, thank goodness!

    My laptop is like an appendage. ;)


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