Thursday, July 8, 2010

What I brought back from Singapore! :)

Isn't this just so cute?! :)
This is a Maneki Neko. I saw these all over Singapore and I had to have one!
Especially given my love of kitties and pink. :)
You can read all about them here.
The mechanical ones really cracked me up. I'm going to add this little guy to my sidebar and maybe he'll bring me some luck. :)
That one is a little large for the dollhouse, it measures 1 1/4 inch or 3.5cm, I'll probably have him sit on my vanity where I can see him every day.

I found this one at one of the bead stores. Perfect size for the dollhouse, it's only a half of an inch tall or .75cm. It's just too cute! I love it. :)

I really think I ought to be able to claim the trip to Singapore as a business trip. lol!
Well, we did talk shop (minis) almost the entire time and look at all of the wonderful supplies I have brought home. :)

Some ribbons, mouse tail (isn't that adorable, the larger version is called rat tail) and trimmings.

A lot of this trim is going to go on upholstered pieces that I plan to get real busy with soon. :)

Of course, my favorite, fabrics!
Christmas fabric, which you can never have too much of and some fabric that I think might work for some custom work.

Fabrics from Japan.  Love the details on the strawberry pattern and I think the fabric on the right will make a lovely room divider screen.

 These are Japanese kimono fabrics. The one on the right was very dear so I only got a bit of it, but I absolutely love it!!!
There was wrapping paper very much like it in another store, but alas, I feared a roll of paper would not travel well and I think I'm right! There would have been no room in my suitcase for it! :(

More fabric from Japan
I absolutely adore this fabric, it is so me! don't you think? lol
I know just what I am going to make out of it and I'll be sure to make some for myself and not just all for my etsy shop. :)

And some more fabric
I forget where the fabric on the left is from. :( Sans!??
The pink fabric will make a lovely table cloth, it has a wonderful drape to it and some gold threads running through it. It would be good in a shabby chic room.

Origami Papers!
Some luxury papers, see how the piece in the foreground is similar to the fabric up above? :)

and some less expensive origami papers
I have plans for these, of course! ;)

I  bought a lot of stuff from Japan! lol ;)
What can I say, I buy what I like when I see it.
The girls thought I was a very decisive shopper. ;)
I just try to make the most out of what I have to spend and try not to go off budget.

and the Mother load! lol
Just a few piecs from the bead store! ;) Okay, I admit it, I went a little crazy in this store. ;)

Yup! I got plans for these too! Some things on my list of things to do have been on the list for ten years.
Cindy has greatly enouraged me to get on these projects when I returned home, so, I'm gonna try.
I hope no one is setting a timer. ;) These will work with a probably equal amount of beads that I have been hoarding from my great Aunt. :)

I ended up checking in my carry on bag, as I was afraid there was no way I could lift my suitcase into the over head compartment. Those findings are heavy! Especially, when you buy an embarrassingly huge lot of them. ;)

Well, it seems like a lot when it's all spread out, but, it only took up half of my suitcase. If I had brought the box of krimpets with me, I probably would have had less clothes to wear and more room to bring back treasures. LOL! ;) I left the krimpets home with the kids and brought all my clothes. :)

I wonder if Sans is through all of the goodies yet? ;)

Well, come back and join me on Sunday and we'll have a little party with the real treasures that I brought home from Singapore. Gifts from "the girls." :)


  1. OH I love Maneki Nekos! Both of them! They are sooo sweet! You bought yourself great collection of fabrics and paper!Can't wait what you'll showe us on Sunday!:)

  2. Woww!! great shopping! So cute the cat... hugs

  3. Thanks, Paky, I love the cats. :)

  4. Some fabulous Fabrics and papers..Oh and the beads are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them with us and I'm looking forward to seeing what you

  5. I didn't know there was such a thing as a mini Maneki Neko, good shopping skills! And boy oh boy, shop you certainly did! ;) You certainly have found some beautiful supplies.

  6. I love the cats you found and my favorite fabric is with the cats, it looks so retro. You are going to be one busy gal.

  7. Norma, so you've heard of them? :)

    I wasn't looking for them in particular in mini, but, when I found them, how could I possible resist? lol

    Thank you! :)

    Although, I do think I have a good eye for shopping. Maybe, too good of an eye at times. ;)

  8. Victoria, I think that is my favorite fabric as well. They also had it with a gray background, but, I didn't want to be greedy. lol ;)

    Think I should have gotten the gray? :)

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  10. WoW That's a lot of'll have tons of supplies for the time being :)

    Pei Li

  11. Wow wonderful fabrics! :D Maneki Neko are so cute :) and so little too :D

  12. Hello Dale, you managed to buy the impossible and you did very well: you do not go every day in Singapore! Now, for the years ahead, working with paper and cloth that you remember your wonderful trip and will transfer some of this to other ...
    The Maneki Neko is a love!
    Sunday will be a feast for the eyes :-)
    Mini kisses, Flora

  13. Pei Li, are you sure? I think I need more. muhahahaaaa! ;)

  14. Mairi, yes, yes and well, these ones are! Most are a bit larger. :)

  15. Flora, this is so true! :)

    I remember where my fabric comes from, as if it were my babies! ;)

  16. Wow what treasures you bought. I love the cat fabric and the green one.

    Mick used to go to Japan a lot for work so I've quite a collection of Japanese things including origami papers...some of it is too beautiful to fold.

    I have one of those cats as well with a moving tail lol. The mini one is too cute.

  17. Unas compras preciosas, has aprovechado de maravilla el viaje a Singapur, vas a tenr material para muchos proyectos, enhorabuena!!
    besitos ascension

  18. Thanks Jayne. :)
    Yes, I know what you mean, I must start out with practice paper so nothing is ever wasted.

    I wonder what the wagging tail means? ;)

  19. I am so jealous!!!! shopping in asia is the best:)

  20. Oh, please don't be jealous Minnie Kitchen!

    I bet a lot of what I have purchased is available here, just requires a bit of a hunt. :)

  21. Thanks for checking out my little cottage! I love your pictures of your trip. Those cathedrals are beautiful!

  22. Thanks Cinderella. :)

    I'm very much interested to see how it comes out.

    Have you seen this blog? I'm sure you would quite enjoy it, scroll back through the postings. :)

  23. Hi Dale!

    wooww you got a lot of mini stuffs! The maneki neko looks so lovely! :)

    have a wonderful weekend!

  24. Thanks, Christina. You too! :)

  25. Dale, my God, those pictures are drop dead gorgeous!!!!!! I am going to Singapore next year, you bet your ass (maybe we can all meet there?)!!! Love the Neko, I have some too ;-). Thank you for sharing the pics, Dale- they are just breathtaking.

  26. I have been back several times and looked at your wonderful pictures from Singapore again, each time discovering new fantastic details.
    Your Manekis are very cute, and very you I think, no wonder you had to have more than just one :-)
    Nice fabrics, I love shopping mini patterned fabrics, I can soon open my own shop :-)

  27. Oh, Kiva! You will love it, absolutely love it there. Are you staying with Sans and bringing your mom and sis? I seriously doubt I can go back again so soon. I'm trying to get Sans to come here. :)
    Thank you! It's good to see you here. :)

  28. Thanks, Helene! I'm so glad you are enjoying the photos. I look at them over and over again as well. :)

    I could open up a mini fabric store as well. lol ;)

    I love my kitties. :)

  29. (((Cindy!))) my personal cheering squad. :)

    I will, I will. :)

  30. O my, I am soooooo late but did I just read Kiva right???? Next ear? WOOOHOOO!

    Didn't go to the link of you Maneki Neko but i presum you already know the waving hand means "come business, come" so you will need to have one in your etsy, dear :).

    The piece of cloth is Indonesian batik. It is the 1st corner shop after we crossed the road at Arab Street to the opposite row of shop houses :):). You zoomed into this piece real fast and that's the only thing you bought from the shop :). Well done, girl :).

    Your next trip should be to Japan, honey.But be sure to dish out top dollars . Super expensive country. Unless you watch "Japan Hour", they tell you all the "cheap" places to eat. hehe

  31. Beautiful fabrics and papers.

  32. Thanks, Sans! I knew you would know! :)

    Thanks, Geneviève. :)


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