Monday, July 26, 2010

New Acquisition or the New Kid in Town!

So, what a find is this?! I think this deserves a second chance, don't you? :)
Hubby is so good to rescue this for me. :)
He was afraid I was going to tell him to put it in the trash, but,
Nooooo! This has potential!

I'm thinking this is from the eighties given the choices in colors.
Shame it's missing a dormer, but, I bet I can find a replacement or find two new ones that match.

I'm not sure whether this was ever all wired up, or did the owner just give up at this point?

Which makes me think of my other house. See this blog post here.
Both houses do seem to have a lot of similarities, but that might just be because they are both traditionally styled homes.

Wiring is what has gotten hubby and I stumped with the first house, but, I am determined now to get both houses wired and finished.

Determined! lol ;)

I figure we can wire the first house with wires and the second house with tape.
Then we can compare the two and see which we like better.

Who knows, there could be a third house waiting around for me next year! lol ;)
Well, I don't think that I need another house at this point.
At least not until I make some progress with the two that I have now.

So, when wiring a house with wire, you have to wall paper, right?

Is it the same when you wire with the tape?
I had wanted to just paint the first house. But, I'm told you have to wallpaper to cover up the wires.

I am warming up to the idea of wall papering. The idea of doing it on poster board first, is helping me out with the thought of doing it.

We know who made this house, unlike the first house.
I think it looks very similar to this house here.

And, we know who the house was intended for. :)
Maybe I can reuse the initials in naming the house.
Any ideas?

The  cool part is that, now that I have two houses.... I can go forward with the ideas I had for decorating the first house and stop second guessing my decisions. Because I have another one to do different things with. :)

The ideas in the head are running amuck!


  1. Dale
    How wonderful that he brought it home for you! I think it has loads of potential too. I look forward to seeing what you do with it. :-)

  2. Lucky you Dale. You are going to have a blast with this new house. It looks like a very good quality house as Real Good Toys always are. The chances of finding a house like that are 1 in a million in the trash.


  3. Soo Cool! Love the colour of the exterior! Pretty! Can't wait to see it all done up!

  4. Whims, that's the name of the retirement home.... I don't think so.... (lol)

  5. Catherine, yes it is, he done good! :)

  6. Victoria, I'm thinking I should start playing the lottery. ;)

  7. I can't believe someone was throwing that out. I'm sure you're going to have lots of fun bringing it back to life, Dale! :)


  8. Pei Li, they are your colors, aren't they? :)

  9. Cia, I can't either! I jumped when I saw it. :)

  10. Oh WOW! I was looking forward to your post about this treasure and a treasure it is indeed! SO much potential! I cannot wait to see what you do with it. :)

  11. You are so lucky! What a beautiful house. Looks like the Montclair with dormers added.MC,CM...coincidence?

  12. That's so neat! Can't wait to see how you flip these two houses!


  13. Best trash find ever! Your hubby is great to bring it home to you! You will have so much fun with this. I'm looking forward to watching how you wire it. I would love to wire my second dollhouse too.

  14. Me too, Linda. ;)

    I hope something gets done with it more than gathering dust. lol!

  15. Your hubby is so sweet..:):) you're right, this house deserves a second chance. i wonder why the ex-owner throw it away.....-___-
    I think the initials should be MC, so you can named it "M.... Cottage" (just an idea..pop up in my head xD )
    anyway, enjoy the house redecorating, i can't wait to see what will you do with it! :):)


  16. Jolie, I do feel lucky! :)

    The Montclair looks wider than the Monteplier or the Walton.

    The MC came from the girl's name, Christina Maria, it's on the brass plate, I'm not sure if it's so visible in the pictures.

  17. Caroline, I wish I could be as speedy as you are! :)

  18. Kathi, we were just discussing wiring. I have got to figure this out!

  19. Christina, I don't know why either. I'm thinking a child out grew it.

    I think I have figured out a name for MC.

    Mon Cherie! :)

  20. What luck and what a sweet husband! You will have so much fun. Can't wait to see the progress.

  21. All my 4 houses are Real Good Toys. The designs may not be great (mine aren't) and I almost never like the colours they pick but I can tell you, the quality is superb!

    Dale, none of my wires are behind wallpaper. They can make the wallpaper look uneven. So you may also need to do some small trunking boxes to cover the wires. So far for the tribal house , I use "external lighting" and put them on the side of the house.

  22. What a find! I think that will look lovely and looking forward to watching it progress.

  23. It definitely deserves a second chance! And I adore such colors :}

  24. Heather, thanks! He did a great job and I adore him. :)

  25. Sans! ;) I think your dollhouses are fabulous, they are just not in the taste that you desire.

    Good point about the wall paper. I was thinking about trunking for wall sconces. We shall see!

    I like how you did the tribal lighting, but it would not work for this house, sadly. :(

  26. So not fair! It's beautiful and so many rooms to decorate! You lucky girl, can't wait to see it coming together :)

  27. Great find! That looks like a very well made house!

    Unlike Sans, all of my wiring is behind my wallpaper and under the flooring. I do however first carve or rout (with a dremel) a groove where the wire will fit in. It is easy and quick, doesn\t have to be straight, because the wallpaper or flooring will cover it and you won't see it again. I also like to glue the wallpaper onto mat board first and put that against the walls: hides any wiring and is very easy to work with.

  28. I also think that this house deserves another chance ... you have hard work ahead but it sure will be fantastic when it is arranged... hugs

  29. What a great find Dale its going to look great when its been renovated.

    Debie xxxxx

  30. As you said this house has got a lot of potential, like your first house. I prefer the outside of the second house and the inside of the first one, the rooms look bigger, is it true ? Lucky you to have two housees to decorate, I'm sure you're going to do a great job.

  31. Thank you for the pictures. What a find - but you know what? You're not the only one who's lucky... that house is lucky, too. Imagine, being thrown at the trash and then - by magic - saved by the husband of a highly skilled miniaturist. ;O)
    I can't wait to see your efforts on the house. And btw, I like the idea of calling it "Mon Cherie", one of my bears is named "Mon Chéri" (lol) and it's also the name of a well-known praliné in Germany. If you're interested, I could send you a miniature of these someday for decorating.


  32. This is so fabulous! I think I could actually do something with a house that is this finished ;)

  33. what a wonderful find Dale! I'm excited to see what you do with it. I wallpapered my flower shop dollhouse with the mat board technique- I was too afraid I might want to change the wallpaper later!

  34. oh you lucky *(#@&$*# *swears as if i stubbed a toe*

    i don't think anyone around here would even have a dollhouse to throw out T_T other than maybe Sans, but i know she would never throw hers out XD

    *sulks off in a fit of jealous rage*

  35. Wow! I would say that even though the house is a fantastic find the thing that amazes me most is that your husband got it for you!! What a guy!
    LOVE that house!

  36. Hi Dale! That is a fabulous find! Good Hubby! About the wiring - I have "gouged" (on the advice of the old gentleman who owns the local dollhouse shop) not routed - but a router would be easier! - and then bury the wires in the wall - just "plaster" over them with wood filler and sand to smooth - no need for wallpaper! You will need to plan the route the wires will take to the plug strip to avoid windows and doors.... it is not too hard! :) And turning on the lights is SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  37. My Wee Life, thank you! :)

    I hope this house has more progress sooner than the first one! :)

  38. Veselina, I think so! I'm totally about second chances. :)

    Are you another shabby chic gal?

    I'm going to do some of that in the yellow house, this house will be different. :)

  39. Ira, you have so many cool things going on, on your blog! :)

  40. The house is a great find! :-) I'm sure you will have a blast decorating it! So strange it was just thrown away, I can't imagine anyone not wanting to have it!
    And for me with prewired Lundby houses it was interesting to read the comments about wiring!

  41. Oooh what a save. Will be lovely when you've finished it.

    I've never done wiring so cant help there.

  42. Josje, thank you so much for all of those tips. I'm beginning to think this is actually do-able. :)

    Thanks so much, love your last post. :)

  43. Paky, I think everything needs a second chance, probably why I have so many animals and people in my house. ;) (collector of strays)

    I hope I can do right by this house. :)

  44. Debie, I look forward to the progress as well, your last post is outstanding!!! :)

  45. Geneviève, I think the differences in the houses, is, the pink one has dormers, the octogan window and the plate glass windows (first floor, not glass!)

    The yellow house, yes, the rooms are much larger and it has beautiful wood floors that just need a sanding and staining.

    Time will tell, Geneviève. :)
    Have fun on your trip. :)

  46. this is so exciting!! so many rooms to fill~

  47. Birgit, you are very sweet and kind. :)

    I think the house is lucky as well. I seem to have a thing for strays, animals, people, now dollhouses. I always feel for the underdog and take the runt of the litter. It all needs love. :)

    I would be honored to have one of your creations. :) Thank you, that is so sweet of you to offer. :)

  48. Thanks, Joyce! That is my thought as well! I don't think that I could ever build a house from the ground up, but, you know what they say, never say never. ;)

  49. Thanks, Kim! :)
    That's what I think, I might change my mind, it's ever changing. ;)

  50. Cindy, you are too funny! I love you immensely. :)

    Sans would never through out a dollhouse, she'd make it into a palace. :)

    I hope your hand heals very quickly!

  51. Thanks Mercedes! :)

    The last time he found a goodie, it was at a yard sale down the street, a french styled chaise and matching chair. They are in my studio and will some day be reupolstered. You can see them on my blog. I'm thinking gold wood and then black damask.

    He's definitely a keeper. :)

  52. Daydreamer, ah! You are giving more food for thought and I am a thinker first with things that are not natural for me. Thank you! I will be pondering some more and thinking. :)

    I do want to flick a switch and see lights, they are the ultimate in making a house seem real, thanks dear! :)

  53. Jayne, I'm so going to have to figure it out, I want it. Just hope it doesn't take forever. ;)


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