Sunday, July 11, 2010

C'mon in! We're having a little party! :)

 The table is all set, c'mon, don't be shy, have a bite to eat.
There's lots of sweet delicacies to enjoy. :)

Amongst all these goodies are the gifts I got from the girls. :)
From Pei Li
I very carefully, removed them from the box. :)
A sweet box of macaroons, beautiful hydrangeas and a tray of the most delicate, delightful desserts. :)
Amazing the details on things so tiny!

From Asuka
Lace cookies, all sealed in individual bags. To keep their freshness, of course! :) (how does she do that???)
Aren't these just super sweet? :) She made the box, too. I like how it's patterned on the outside and the inside.

From Cindy
A strawberry cake, that is pink, my favorite color. :)
Cute, cute, cute cupcakes. Look at the tiny silver sprinkles on them. All precisely placed.
A fruit danish, pain du chocolate and a croissant.
The best part, the tiny, tiny cupcake papers.
The size of them has me completely dumb founded!
And, she folds each crimp by hand. She showed Sans! and I how to do it, but, I'll leave it up to Cindy to be the world supplier of cupcake papers. :)

and some of her tatting! :)
Cindy showed us how she tats, but, it's beyond me, I'll never get that. I can't figure out how she is able to make patterns, it's just little knots, you know?!

From Sans!
More flowers! :) As if she were not already generous enough. She shared some more of her flowers with me. We were supposed to hit Bangkok, but there was too much going on over there. That's where these are from.

and trims! I'm sure I'll find uses for both of these!

Thank you ladies, oh, so much for the precious, precious goodies and for making my stay in Singapore so memorable. It's nice having a little bit from all of you to remember the trip.

While we're at it, let's welcome some new followers to the party as well.
Minnie Kitchen
Trudy Hylant

C'mon in and make yourself at home. Don't forget to get a bite to eat. :)
It's virtual, it will never run out. :)

Additional credits for the party
Folding screen Yuki
Little black cat Hanna
Ferrero Rocher Paky
Additional croissants Betsy Niederer
Turning Mike Rowe
Brie, crackers and grapes NJD Miniatures
Pink flowers Tallulah Belle
Church bird house Sandy Copeland
Apples, wine and candle sticks I bought in Paris
Floral plates, pitcher, planter and stand I bought at my last local miniatures show
Table and chairs Ray

Everyone, thanks for coming to my party.
Hope you all had a good time. :)

All right, last one out, turn out the lights and blow out the candles.
I'm heading for bed. lol ;)


  1. oh Dale..they're so cute! what a lovely gifts...:) i'm sure they're delicious too!
    thank you for inviting me to your party, its such an honor to be your little guest. ;D

    mini hugs,
    *eating dessert..yumm :)

  2. Party? Did someone say party? I'm there! :P
    Wow what awesome gifts Dale! You have quite a talented group of friends!

  3. They are beautiful little gifts. Such a lot of talented people out there.

  4. Your gifts are so lovely! You are very lucky to such good friends.

  5. This is a splendid party, thank you so much for inviting me Dale :-)
    I see the table is set with only the finest dishes and every one of them makes my mouth water.

    Wonderful gifts from Pei Li, Asuka, Cindy and Sans, I agree with you it's beyond understanding how they can make so tiny and realistic details!

  6. Oh, you have a table of treasures there! Love every one of them, those ladies are so kind and talented :)

  7. These mini are wonderful Dale.

    Debie xxxxxxxxx

  8. Beautiful Gifts Dale. Every time you look at them you will remember your

  9. Dale, is a great party, all looks delicious, is a beautiful table!Thank for the invitation ;)

  10. Primero gracias por invitarme a la fiesta, ha sido un placer ver tantas mini maravillas!!!!
    Tienes grandes amigas que te quieren y solo hay que ver la cantidad de detallitos, te lo mereces!!!
    Me voy pero no apago la luz ni cierro la puerta, porque seguro que alguna mas pasara por esta preciosa fiesta!!!!!!!!!!!
    besitos ascension

  11. what wonderful gifts! The party picture is incredible-what gorgeous work from everyone in that picture!

  12. Since I do not get fat, I willingly participate in the banquet :-)
    Beautiful gifts and such friendship!
    Mini hugs, flora

  13. What beautiful gifts! The table looks grand, and everything looks incredibly delicious :)

  14. Oooh, I didn't see Asuka's gift. Sooooo fine.

    I attest to Cindy's unfathomable techniques. She can show me a million times and I will still have absolutely no idea how to tat or fold cupcakes liners. If I hadn't met her, I would have thought she's a machine! :)

    Love virtual food, will never gain those pounds from overindulgence

  15. Whoa, they are beautiful. Gotta go hit the donut store now! I'm hungry. CM

  16. Nice idea!!! :D amazing miniatures :)

  17. soooo cute! =DDDD lovely gifts! =D

  18. Absolutely fantastic gifts from the Singapore girls, lucky you!
    LOVE those cupcake papers!

  19. *Wipes mini crumbs from corner of mouth with mini napkin* Mmmmm, yummy!

    You throw a great party, Dale! And what lovely presents you got!


  20. *messes up the party with confetti*


    everything looks so great, jealous much i am *pouts*

    i'm slowly getting a collection together too :D just needa find a space to put them ahhhhhhhhh minis take up more space than you'd think!

  21. Thanks for the welcome!
    I love all the goodies! They are sheer perfection! You must get so hungry when you look at them!


  22. Your party is beautiful Dale! Such lovely things, so wonderful you were able to meet the artist behind the items too!

  23. What a beautiful assortment, makes the perfect miniature picture. Sounds like a dream trip to me.


  24. OOoh lovely scene! I'm so amazed you are able to get the glue off my pieces :))

    Lovely treats from the rest of the ladies!

    Pei Li

  25. Hey Dale! Came back to see those pastries! I want to make some! Thanks for looking at the finished house on my blog! I have to list it. I have so many other houses I want to make! And looking at blogs like yours give me even more ideas! Who knows, if it doesn't sell then it stays with me! BooHoo! Poor me! LOL!

  26. Hi Dale,
    thank you for joining my blog - that gave me the chance to find yours! I sure like joining your party and will be glad to read new stuff from you after becoming a follower of your blog. I only hope you can excuse my lousy English - I'm totally out of practice speaking and writing in this wonderful language of yours... ;O)

    Greetings from Germany

  27. This was so much fun!!! Thank you all so much for coming to my party! :)

    I'll have to have another party at some point. I really enjoyed all of you visiting, so much!!!

    Feel welcome, put your feet up and stay a while. :)

    I'm so glad you all appreciate the treasures I brought back. I know I do, immensely so and the memories (happy sigh) what can I say, trip of a life time and I'm so fortunate and so grateful. I just feel so honored with the gifts, which are all such treasures.

    Pei Li, lol! ;) I was very careful, they all had a bit of green grass attached and I trimmed that off and then sanded, them so that they could stand upright on their own. And, I didn't ruin them in all of that. :)

    What a lovely party this has been and I'm so tickled and glad that you all attended. Makes my heart swell thinking about it.

    Love you all. :)

  28. Gorgeous gifts, they are very talented ladies.
    I love the scene you created with the gifts.

  29. Thank you so much, Geneviève. :)

  30. Lovely!lovely!lovely!
    I love parties with cakes and flowers and...Oh, this is soooo perfect!An absolute delight for the eyes!
    Thank you for inviting us Dale!


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