Friday, July 23, 2010

Got my background back!

it looks a little different to me, can't say why that is, but, it's back!

Thank you all for helping me! :) It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and the same background was still available! :) (does a little dance in my chair)

:) Happy Day! :)


  1. Your blog is looking good Dale :-)

  2. YAY Dale! You did good, my computer is misbehaving so I am used to such. Please do more on your wonderful trip to Singapore when you get a chance.

    Have a Good Evening,

  3. Thanks, Victoria. :) Just hate it when there are puter problems! :(

    All of my Singapore pictures can be found on my facebook page. :)

  4. Al principio me costo reconocer tu blog, pero ya me he acostumbrado y me encanta.
    Mientras que tu distintivo (casita y gatito) este, no te perdere de vista jejeje
    besitos ascension

  5. hello, i'm so glad you got your background back. good job!


  6. Ascensión, ja! He oído eso! Yo amo a mi gatito de marcas y de la casa. Incluso cuando tuve hace mis años en miniatura de los diez, todavía tenía un gato negro y una casa de muñecas, pero ligeramente diferentes. Abrazos queridos! :)

  7. A big thank you to the gals at TCBOTB, :) for providing such wonderful free templates and making it easy for a tech-not like me able to use them! :)


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