Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reupholstering Settees

So, these are the before pictures.

Then, I ripped them apart, lol! ;)

At times, I felt like I was standing on my head in order to do so.

I managed to get them all apart.

This little piece was the dickens!
I think it was glued on using super insane crazy glue.

It was one of the arm pieces, I felt like I was tearing it off fiber by fiber.
But, I won that battle. Never underestimate sheer will!

Then, I made patterns.
Cut out the fabric, glued them all up nice together, glued them to the settee and found glue spots. :(

Oh, no! Not glue spots!! :(

Ripped it all apart and started all over again.

Now, they're done. :)

I was really pleased that I  could recycle the little twist cord at the bottom of the seat cushion from the original upholstery.  Not bad for a first, errr... second try. ;)

I got this in the mail the other day from A-M of Little Time Wasters.
Monet is one of my most favorite artists. Isn't this just wonderful? I love it! :)

 This is going to look great in the living room above the couch or in the dining room. I can't decide.

Oh, and I signed up for my very first swap, I'm very excited about it. It's being hosted by Caterina of Le Minis di Cockerina. I've done a few trades in the past, but, I always knew what I was getting in the past. The theme of this swap is Easter.

Well, I had in my mind what I wanted to make and went to the store for supplies. Nothing caught my eye. Then, I saw something that did catch my eye and the wheels in my mind began to spin. I've made this kind of thing in real life many times but, never had attempted it in miniature before. I'm dying to show it to you, but you'll have to wait....

New followers to welcome! Paky and Minilisa. They are participating in the Easter swap as well, in fact, I'm getting my swap from one and sending to the other. :)

Oldest is enjoying being home for spring break. Well, she's not really home... see, she had to leave me a note. ;)


  1. love how you reworked the settee. it looks great with the fabric you chose! Cute note!

  2. Love the re-upholstering job! Wonderful! And A-M's painting is so well done!

  3. Dale, that Settee looks terrific! That was a great update it has such a pretty design, but that fabric really dated it.

  4. Another piece of excellent work!
    When I have to get rid of the wooden bases my dolls came in, I chucked them in a microwave to "melt" the glue. Not sure if that will work with fabric :).

    And that painting, wow! How big was it?

  5. Thanks, Peach, I so love the painting. :)

  6. PDT, thanks, I had to look at the settees again when you said that.

    I guess they did look like they were from the sixties. ;)

  7. Thanks, Sans. :)

    How long to you nuke them for?

    That last arm rest I ended up wetting it with hot water, but, very carefully, as I was afraid it would swell the wood.

    The painting is 3 1/4" wide or 8.25cm. Perfect size for above the couch flanked by sconces. :)

  8. fantastic work! so elegant... hugs

  9. Dale, I nuked them for 1 min. If it is still hard, I'd do it again. One time, smoke came off from the oven! lol

    So be careful!

  10. Oh my, Sans! Smoke!

    My micro is commercial grade I better start at 30 seconds. ;)

  11. Hi Dale, I finally found your blog. Thanks so much for all the nice comments you left in my blog. Your settee looks great with the new re-upholstering. Great work!
    Hugs, Marisa

  12. Dale, you are a master upholsterer (sp?)!! That piece is just incredible!!!

  13. Marisa, Welcome! :)

    You are very welcome and thank you as well. :)

  14. Kiva, I think you spelled it right. :) Thanks, but, master no way, am I near. I keep working on it, someday... ;)

  15. Great re-upholstery!
    I did the same thing with a chair, almost impossible to get the fabric of, and ripping the chair apart for the second time was a bit over the top for the poor thing, but I managet to fix it eventually!!
    I am starting to wonder if we will se spring this year at all. Probably it will be cold as hell...and boom, one day the sun is shining for a couple of hours. We will be standing there, shocked and pale. Before we knew what happend fall is starting again...LOL
    Synnøve X

  16. Thanks Synnove. :)

    Well, at least my glue was not super insane crazy glue! Mine was easier to rip apart to redo than the original.

    You sound like my friend in Alaska. She said they have summer for like twelve days and then it's fall. I could not imagine!

    I am so enjoying finally seeing the sun around here. It lifts the spririts. :)

  17. Great job, as always, on the settees!


  18. Whimsy!!! Have I told you lately, I love you?! :)

    So good to see you in blog land.

    You've arrived!

    Lemme go get the champagne. :)

  19. Thank you!

    I brought the champagne with me! *pops the cork and pours a glass for everyone*

    Love ya too!


  20. Whims, you have my heart. :)

    You are my biggest fan, next to me, of course, LOL! ;)

    Thanks for the champagne. :)

    Everyone, enjoy it, it's on whims' dime, next time, it's on me. :)

  21. Fantastic work, very good idea of patterns. And congratulations for the painting of Monet, is precious.
    A Carmen hug.
    By what has brought me in the comments of my paintings, if vendia, the truth is that so far, not me it had raised, I am a painter, but large boxes. But perhaps if in the future, if do me commissions equal me the planteo.s for your interest.
    A Carmen hug

  22. Thank you, Carmen and thank you for stopping by my blog. :)

    I'd love to see your paintings in mini. :)

  23. I tried the oven trick but didn't work. I wonder which kind of glue they use.I was afraid of being intoxicated because of the smelly vapours but nothing released. Now I buy unfinished pieces, much easier and so many more opportunities. Thank you for the fabric Rosanna

  24. I would be a bit concerned about the vapors as well, Rosanna. I know some of the people that make clay food and other stuff from clay use small toaster ovens only for that purpose.

    You are very welcome for the fabric, glad I could help. :)

  25. Lovely job recovering your settee, it looks so nice. Great to see you were able to use the trim too.

  26. You have made a beutiful re-upholstering job. It look so much more elegant now.

  27. Me encanta el sofa. Es precioso y ahora a quedado mejor.

  28. Thank you, Reiko and Virginia. :)

    I think you more see the beauty of the wood now. It's not so distracting to look at.

  29. Thanks for showing the Lily Pond! I am so behind on blogs I only just noticed. I'm glad it found a good home. :)

  30. A-M you are very welcome. :)

    I absolutely love it! It is a real treasure.

    I know what you mean about reading blogs. I end up spending one long day reading all of them. I can't seem to do a little of everything, everyday.

  31. Your re-upholstering skills are just simply amazing my friend!!!

    Pei Li

  32. Pei Li, you are such a perfectionist in your own work, I consider your compliment, a great honor. :)


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