Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A most incredible dollhouse in progress and more!

If you would like to see the progress of an incredible dollhouse, click here. It will show you the first ten pages, but there is more, click on page ten and go all the way to the end. I think the album has 21 pages. Do check it out, I think you will be quite impressed. :)

Spring has sprung in the garden. Daffodils and crocuses are in bloom, tiger lillies are just poking out of the soil.

This is a Mediterranean heather. It blooms from December to May. I didn't believe it until I saw it. Even though it was recently buried in snow, it's has blooms on it. And they've been there all winter. :)

New followers to welcome. :)
Marisa's Mini Treasures

Welcome, welcome and thank you for following my blog.

This past week, two of my miniatures were honored by being noted on two different blogs.
Kerry of  Kid Giddy featured one of my hutches, that she would like life sized.
Angel of Muse Silk Paintings featured one of my monogram pillows.

Thank you very much, ladies. :)

Some team news, Stephanie of Petit Plat has been honored with being a featured seller on etsy. You can read the lovely interview here. :)

More next time. :)


  1. Wow what a house! Thye have some pateince and great imagination, Love it all! Looked at all 249 pics and wouild love to have that perseverance on a house! Kate xx

  2. Thank you for the warm welcome. :)

    I'm off to check out that dollhouse now.


  3. Kate, did you see all the things she is doing with the wall papering? I find that completely amazing!

    Whimsy, you're always welcome. So glad you can post here now. :)

  4. Thanks for the link Dale...amazing house...I went through all the piccies as well as Kate :-)

  5. Tallulah Belle, yes it is going to be extraordinary when it is complete. :)

  6. Congratz! Your wonderful cushions featured again! Deservedly so.

    I have bookmarked the dollhouse site and will look through when I am home :). Thanks for the links youhave so generously posted, chief :)!

  7. Thanks, Sans. :)

    I dunno, I think I prefer, my captain, my captain! lol ;)

  8. thank your for sharing the link, is an incredible dollhouse!Greetings

  9. Aye Aye M'am. By the way, Captain, your bunk is ready . Anytime you wish to sail down to Singapore, you have a bed at Emily, ok?

  10. Paky, you are very welcome. :)

    I'll try to remember to post when she updates.


  11. Sans, you are a most wonderful person. :)

    I think I trust planes more though. ;)

  12. What a house, indeed! Thank you for the link--and to think I am intimidated and nervous about wiring Joanna's Victora's Farmhouse! Love the views of your garden.


  13. Thank, Jody.

    At the rate hubby is going with the wiring, I might have to do mine myself. Take good notes for me. :)

  14. I am pleased to see things are very positive for you ! And the flowers waking up from their loooooooooooooog nap...YAY!

  15. Papillon Bleu, thank you. :)

    Course now, I'm itching to work in the garden and I might never go back inside the house.


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