Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sneak Peek, News and Updates!

These wreaths and swags and hopefully more, will be heading into my etsy shop shortly. :)

I have been creating like a maniac as of late. Which makes me behind in all other affairs, home, life, correspondence and of course, blog reading! Am hoping to catch up with everything soon.
There just always seems to be so much going on.
I guess that is just life. :)

I finished up a custom order recently and totally forgot to take a picture. Well, I remembered after I had it all packed up. Oh, well! lol

I joined up with the Christmas swap on Caterina's blog. She runs the best swaps. :) Just mailed out my swap to Flor, so tickled to have her as my partner. I hope she likes what I have sent her. You have to wait until Christmas to see the results of the swap. :)

I want to show you what I recently received in the mail, but first, I have to share with you this little guy.
The stories get related, don't worry. ;)

I don't think I ever shared with you all our latest addition to our family.
This is our little Tommy.

A feral kitten found abandoned by the side of our house. We discovered him on probably the hottest day of the year, back in July and I bottle fed him since he was four weeks old. 

Here he is more recently.

That he discovered the light box and feels so comfy in there should have been a heads up for me.

Here is the basket that Sans! sent to me, she wove this herself and I have to tell you how adorable and how well made it is. She never ceases to amaze me with her creativity. :)  Thank you, Sans!!!

I made the mistake of leaving the little basket in the light box as a reminder to take a picture of it to share with you all. Then, I discovered it's absence. Yes, Tommy had scooted off with it. I looked every where around the house. I almost cried. The basket was very special to me because of who made it, that they made it for me and a basket itself is almost a symbol of friendship. Woven together.

Don't worry! The story has a happy ending.! My son found it the next day. Tommy had scooted it under his bedroom door. I woke to a little basket being dangled in front of my eyes and I gave my boy a big hug and a kiss. :)


  1. I love the happy endings and so good your story has it too!
    The basket is amazing! And so are the wreaths!

  2. Great wreaths, and love the kitten:)

  3. Thanks, Jennifer. I have to agree on both parts. :)

  4. Thank you. Ewa, I am so glad it had a happy ending as well! :)

  5. Thanks, Christel! It is so lovely to see you, dear! :)

  6. Dale, your wreaths and swags are Beautiful! So glad you found your precious basket, kittens can be so naughty lOL. Tommy is a sweetie pie, watching him grow up makes me miss my old cat.

    Hope life slows down a bit so you can really enjoy the Holiday season.


  7. Thank you, Victoria! I appreciate your kind words about my swags and wreaths. :)

    I was so happy the basket was found and so grateful it wasn't partially eaten! This kitty keeps us on our toes, as you know. :) Why don't you get another cat? You know we didn't plan on this one. I feel like he's my late in life baby! lol ;)

  8. I love stories with happy endings... and Tommy is one handsome guy showing a great taste to choose Sans' fantastic basket. Your christmas wreaths are fantastic!


  9. Thanks, Birgit! :) I like stories with happy endings, too. I think I'd have had a very hard time to forgive him!

    Thank you! :)

  10. Tommy is the cutest! He has a gorgeous coat. I'm sure he was very careful with your basket. Probably just wanted to study how it was made. :)

  11. Great picture of the basket, Dale :), thank you! My heart stopped when I read about Tommy but am so happy that you got it back. I know it doesn't show,teehee but due to my inexperience, I had spent a whole day weaving it. I am therefore really pleased that you got it back ..hooray! I am giving you a big big hug , darling and kiss your son for me too :).

    Show us more minis you made, Dale. I have always enjoyed looking at your creations.

  12. Dale, your swags are LOVELY! I am hoping I will have time to decorate my Dollhouses this year! Yes, Life does get busy!
    Tommy is one Lucky little guy to be found by you! I have a black cat too.... he was orphaned at two or three days old and a friend of mine found the litter and raised them all on eyedroppers! My kitty has the sweetest temperament I've ever known in a cat!
    I'm SO glad your son found the basket! That is a SPECIAL basket!
    Happy Holidays!

  13. What a beautiful cat, I am sure he is thrilled with his new home!

  14. I love your wreaths and swags! And the basket is so cute! Tommy has a sweet face. Hugs

  15. LOL so funny! i'm glad it all ended well :D beautiful wreaths! you ready for Christmas yet???!??!

  16. Thank you, Caroline! I'm just happy that he didn't try taking it apart to see how it was made. He wouldn't have been a happy kitty had he done that!

  17. Thanks, Sans! :)

    I'm not sure I would have been able to forgive him if he had hurt or permanently lost the basket. I know you spent a lot of time and effort making it, that's what makes it so precious to me!

    He's a lucky kitty, what can I say.

    I am behind on being a good blogger and keeping you all up to date with my creations. Hopefully, I'll be a better blogger in the New Year. :)

  18. Thank you, Daydreamer! :)

    An eye dropper? Now that is commitment.

    I agree, it is a very special basket. :)

  19. Thank you, Maureen and thanks for taking the time to comment. :)

  20. I'm glad it ended well, too, Cindy. Thank you! :)

    Well, I better be now. tee hee


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