Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Swap Results!

Caterina hosted a Christmas Swap on her blog. I got paired up to give to Flor, and I was quite tickled about this and to receive from Pepi. Pepi, I did not know, but through the help of google
translate, we were able to exchange our information.

This is what I received from Pepi.

It looks like just a plain envelope, but, look at the cute little box inside.
What is inside the box, you ask?

A ton of Christmas goodies!

A sweet little box, a wall hanging, a counted cross stitch pillow, and a tiny little card from Pepi. :)
But, what is in the little box?

A tiny perfume bottle and a single long stemmed red rose.
Thank you so much, Pepi! I love all of my swap items, it was a pleasure to have you as a partner! :)

For Flor, I popped over to her page on facebook and nosed around in her pictures to see what could I make that would compliment what she already has and would be in her style.
I discovered this Christmas scene, note the gingerbread men. :)

Well, off I ran to the fabric store and I discovered a tiny print fabric that featured gingerbread men. Great!

I made her a tree skirt (shown here with my tree that I purchased from De), a pair of pillows trimmed with bunka, and bunting- all made from the same fabric. 

Recalling what her salon looked like, I thought some pillows from my shop might blend in well if she were to decorate the room for Christmas.

Her decor seems to have almost a Scandinavian feel, so I thought these pillows with their minimalist approach would suit nicely.

While I was at the fabric store, I discovered these foam gingerbread men and other decorations in the craft section. I know that Flor is pretty creative, so I added these in, thinking she could do something fun with them.

Well, there you go, there is my portion of the swap. :) Pop over to Caterina's blog to see all of the blogs. Remember, anything in pink is click-able in my postings.

Enjoy! Until, next time! :)


  1. Wonderful, thoughtful gifts. I am sure Flor is happy with them.
    Happy 2012 and a hug

  2. Caterina provided a great joke, right?
    Beautiful gifts!
    Happy New Year!

  3. What a fun swap - congrats on your lovely new minis from Pepi. And I have no doubt Flor will love your gifts - this gingerbread-fabric is incredible cute!


  4. What fun swaps, I love them all! Gill x

  5. Wow che belli! Sono molto raffinati, complimenti!

  6. Que preciosos regalos habeis intercambiado, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  7. such a great variety. Have a great new year!

    from Tlyla @


  8. precious gifts, incoming and outgoing! Thank you for participating in the Christmas Swap!
    Happy New Year to you!

  9. Unos regalos muy bonitos, tanto los recibidos como los enviados. Además muy estudiados. Creo que todas las que hemos participado en el Swap de Cockerina lo hemos pasado muy bien y estamos muy contentas con nuestros regalos. ¡Feliz Fin de Año!. Un saludo, Eva

  10. Hola Dale!!!!
    Estoy feliz por que ayer llegaron estos regalos tan hermosos que has hecho !! Y lo más lindo que te tomaste el tiempo para ver que me gustaría ¡Y si que has acertado!!! Las galletas de jengibre ¡Me gustan mucho!!! Y lo que tu has hecho es perfecto!! Mil gracias!!!
    Justo ahora estoy preparándome para poner tus regalos en mi blog ( ;
    Te mando un gran abrazo y te deseo el mejor 2012!!!
    ¡Gracias Dale!!!

  11. No h podido entrar antes en tu blog, estoy liada con pruebas medicas, me alegro mucho de que te haya gustado el intercambio, yo aun tengo que poner las fotos de mis regalos, besos y feliz año nuevo.

  12. Thanks, Drora! A very happy 2012 to you, as well! :)

  13. Eliana, Caterina always runs the best swaps! :) Happy New Year! :)

  14. Thanks, Birgit! It was fun and I like the gingerbread men fabric, too! :)

  15. Thanks, Tlyla and thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and leave a comment. :)

    Happy New Year to you! :)

  16. Caterina! Thanks so much and thanks for running such a wonderful swap as ever! :)

    A very Happy New Year to you and yours. :)

  17. Fue un intercambio maravilloso, Eva. No creo que nadie está nunca decepcionado con swaps de Caterina. :)

  18. Hola, Flor! Muchas gracias estoy muy contenta de que están contentos. Voy a tener que venir por tu blog y lo verás! :) Fue un placer hacer estas cosas para usted y me alegro que les guste! Feliz Año Nuevo, queridos! :)

  19. Muchas gracias, Pepi! Me encanta mi regalo! Espero que usted consiga sus problemas de salud resuelto pronto. Les deseo todo lo mejor en el nuevo año, sobre todo, la buena salud! :)

  20. I love the gift you received. It's all adorable! And you were so thoughtful with your gift making sure it would fit in with the decor. You are so sweet!

  21. Thank you so much, Caroline and thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment. :)

  22. Te vengo a dejar un gran abrazo Dale!!!!
    Y un besito

  23. Muchas gracias, Flor! Eres tan dulce, abraza de nuevo! :)


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