Saturday, January 21, 2012

Welcoming in a New Year and New Followers!

Welcome 2012!
I am so glad you are here!
A new year, new hope, new dreams, fresh beginnings.... :)
I wish you all many blessings and the best of the best in this new year.

I can still say it, because the month is not over yet!
Caution! Long post, but I threw in some eye candy for you. :)
Welcome, welcome!
Welcome all!
I am so glad that you are following my blog, it's so nice to have you, here. :)
Vicky Lovejoy
Elena san millan
sherry raines
Audra Pangle
LLyn M.
Once Upon A Time
mariana belmonte
özden ceyhan
Tiny Treasure Trove
reid.suzy  (I have to brag a little bit, this is my niece)
and from out of the shadows as they say, some more followers;
Barbara Gutierrez
Ela Wilt
 I always say, I won't wait so long next time to welcome in new followers. (Smacks self in head!) When will I learn? lol! Well, that is quite the list of new followers, but, I'm not going to tell you how long it has been since the last time I made a welcoming post. ;)

As usual, anything written in pink is clickable, so click away, check out some new blogs and meet some new friends. If you take the time to leave a comment, tell them I said, Hi  :)

If you don't have a "google translater" widget on your blog, please get one. They are so helpful for those of us who read your blog from another language. Many times the google translate bar across the top of the page does not show up, so if you have a widget directly on your blog, you can be assured that everyone will be able to read your blog and it makes it much easier to leave comments, too!

There's another little widget that is now available that I truly love. It's the "follow by email" widget. This enables your blog posts to go directly into someone's email box. I love it! It's a great way to keep up on those blogs that you just don't want to miss a single posting from, but, the blog has to have the widget in place for you to follow that way.

I don't know what is up with blogger these days, but blogs either are not showing up or I'm unable to comment on them. I'm wondering if anyone will be able to comment here? I've changed the way my comments are posted, in hopes of getting to see the other blogs, that didn't work. Oh, well, I hope it is sorted out soon! :)
1. Photo credits: planter on stand, matching pitcher, smaller pitcher and bowl on left and floral plates on right, I bought from various dealers at the Philadelphia Miniaturia in the past. Small floral arrangement on the right is from Tallulah~Belle. Larger pitcher and bowl from a local Antiques/Thrift store- now that I am looking at it, I wonder if it is 1/6 scale...Pitcher in center, I can't remember where I got that from, I think I've had that for a while. Pink floral platters and trays from the most recent Philadelphia Miniaturia. Hydrangeas from my friend Pei Li when I was in Singapore. Lastly, the little stack of white plates I bought in Paris.

2. Photo credits: The two large matching urns I believe I picked up at AC Moore some years ago. The three in the center I picked up in the Smoky Mountains at a souvenir shop. ***Edit* Upon further reflection, I picked these up at the Museum Shop at the Winterthur Museum Shop. I brought baskets back from the Smoky Mountains. (Makes more sense, doesn't it? lol)*** The remaining three I purchased at one of the Antique Malls in Berlin, MD.
3. Folding screen, custom made for me by my friend Yuki. Felted black kitty custom made for me by my friend Hanna. Plate/wall hanging by lisaconfora

My original business mascot was my first cat named Thor, who has long ago, gone over the rainbow.

My new mascot, Tommy currently overseeing security. ;)


  1. A bunch of little trasures! Lucky you, Dale!

  2. Hello! we are still in time to wish happy new year, so .. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! :)
    I like all the things that you have purchased and I too, believe that the jug is a large-scale 1:6 ... but it is very beautiful too!
    your new cat seems very interested in who passes on the street, keeps safe your minis! ha ha!
    kisses and good Sunday!

  3. Hola de nuevo! Es bueno leerte
    Feliz año también a ti
    Un abrazo

  4. My scrolling finger is aching now... (LOL). But it's always good to read from you!

    I really hope blogger will fix this problem soon. I'm tired of not being able to comment on blogs I love (You can normally still read them when clicking on the blog's name, but you can't get directly in the posts *sigh*) Some people including me changed their comment form to pop-up or the new included answer comment - this always allowed me to visit those blogs again. Let's hope for improvement soon... ;O)


  5. All your things are beautiful. I love the screen. Beautiful cat :)
    Hugs Maria

  6. Gorgeous eye-candy! Love the blue and white, especially :)

  7. Hi Dale! Happy New Year! Your eye candy is Lovely! I particularly like your blue and white China! And the Black kitty... and the painted Screen... and...LOL okay, ALL of it!
    I Love black cats...!

  8. Happy New Year to you Dale!

    I Love all your china, you have some beautiful patterns. Tommy is growing into quite the handsome boy :)


  9. I have trouble a lot of the time if I click on the suject line of peoples posts. I have to click on their name for the post to come up. I don't know why this is happening. Thank you for the welcome.

  10. Hi Dale!
    Love all of your little goodies! Tommy is beautiful! I like cats of any color but black ones with green eyes really speak to me. :D
    Does Tommy have green eyes?

  11. Tommy will make you happy.
    Beautiful minis.
    Bye Faby

  12. Thanks, Ewa! :)

    I haven't forgotten about you. I'll be heading back into my studio this week and I have something in mind. :)

  13. Caterina! Always so good to see you. Even though the one pitcher and bowl might be the wrong scale, I think if I separate them, I can still get away with a bit of fudging with the scale. Yes, he protects unless he is doing the stealing! lol :)

  14. Birgit, you are funny! :)

    I think the issue at hand has something to do with having your comments set to imbedded and having a third party template that does not support the new upgrade. So far from my reading, this is what I have surmised. People will have to either change their settings or update their blog format. ???

  15. Thank you, Dangerous! It's good to see you here! :)

  16. Daydreamer, thank you! I think you and I have similar tastes! :)

    I've been perusing your blog, but am unable to comment on it. :(

  17. You are very welcome, Teresa! :)

    Are you finding any trouble making comments on those blogs?

  18. Thanks, Kathi! :)

    He has gold eyes. I've been told that makes him a Halloween cat. :)

  19. Well, I've tried to pay all of your blogs a visit today. If you didn't see a comment from me, it just means I wasn't able to see your blog and/or wasn't able to comment. :(

    Try setting your comments to pop up.

  20. hola, me gusta su blog y la forma que tiene de llevarlo, la porcelana que enseña es bellisima, y ese biombo me gusta mucho.
    un abrazo

    Hi, I like your blog and the way she wear, porcelain he teaches is beautiful, and I really like this screen.
    a hug

  21. Hey Stranger,
    I see Facebook is not being kind to you.
    I love the new layout. Especially the black. Tre Chic!

    I miss you and I will camp out here until Zuckerberg lets you back into the sandbox to play.


  22. Thank you for this long post!! ;) What a beautiful minitreasures, beautiful! I like the second photo very much, because I'm trying to build a Japanese teahouse.
    I will follow your blog!

  23. Piękne. Jestem zachwycona. Pozdrawiam i zapraszam do mnie.
    Beautiful. I am delighted. I greet and I invite me.

  24. Thank you, contar and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. :) The screen was a custom order, I'm sure if you would like one, it would not be a problem. :)

  25. Hey Heidi, I'm always having some kind of technical issues. lol ;)

    Grace changed up my blog for me over the summer while we were on vacation and I think she's tweaked it a bit since then. :)

  26. Thank you, Ilona, nice to meet you and thanks for following my blog. :)

  27. NIUŃKA, thank you! Nice to meet you. :)

  28. Happy New Year! May it be the Best Yet! :)

  29. Thanks, MelanieMargaret! I so have my fingers crossed for this year, so far, so good!

    Wishing the same for you! :)

  30. I didn't find the google translate widget, but the follow by email I already added, seems cool ^^
    I'm trying to clean my blog a little so it's more appealing. So much to do, and right now I'd prefer to make minis :D


  31. Hello Stephanie! So good to see you here. :)

    There is always so much to do, isn't there?

    You can find the google translate button in the widgets that blogger offers. Or try right clicking on someone's. ;)

    I prefer making minis as well! :)

  32. Thank you very much for your lovely greetings, Happy birthday to you too, My best wishes, I hope all your dreams come true! And congratulations for your 424 followers, your work and you deserve it! A big big big hug

  33. Awwww.... thank you so much, Paky! big hugs back. :)


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