Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! Swap and Giveaway!

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely Mother's Day! :)
My middle made me this lovely vanilla and strawberry cake! Yummy!!! :)

Thank you all so much for joining in on my swap and giveaway! :)
This has been a lot of fun and look at what delightful items have been swapped!

Sonya >>>>> Lyssa

Mine has not arrived yet and I've not heard back yet from Jaana.
You can click on everyone's names to visit their blogs. :)
New followers to Welcome! :)
Amazing Miniatures
Roz & Aidy
Thank you so much for following my blog! :)

And for the giveaway!
The winner gets to choose one of the following sets;

Blue and Yellow

Hubby lent a hand to the giveaway process. :)

and the winner is.....
Sound the trumpets!
Congratulations to Kim!

Thank you all so much for playing along, this has been the most fun.

I love all the items that were exchanged in the swap, everyone is just so creative and so thoughtful. :)
I so hope that everyone really gets to enjoy the day. Mine is most assuredly off to a great start after getting to see Mr. Darcy this morning. lol ;)
I'm off to go get my oldest at college with hubby while the other two are working. We'll have a nice long ride in a beautiful part of the country.
I'll catch up with you all during the week. :)


  1. Congratulations to Kim!
    Beautiful swaps!

  2. What a beautiful cake! I got chocolate :)

    The swaps are amazing, so much talent in our community :)

    Congrats to Kim and Thank you Dale for such a fun giveaway.


  3. So neat! I'm so sad I missed it!

  4. Congratulations to Kim - and a huge "Thank you" to you for this giveaway and the swap. I couldn't join, but it was fun to see all those lovely miniatures from so many talented people. Oh, and not to forget: That cake looks delicious!

    Have a nice week!

  5. Just to say thankyou for setting up the swap, was such fun to do, even if osme of us got muddled. Also congrats to the winner of your giveaway, do let us know what coluor she chose.

  6. Thanks everyone! This was so much fun, I might have to make it a tradition on my blog. :)

    Finally home, ten hours later. Had a lovely day and the ride was beautiful. Got my girl and her bf for the next few days to enjoy. :)

  7. My swap from Patty is not arrived. I saw my swap for the first time in the photo on your more surprise!
    Bye bye Faby

  8. Thanks Dale to have direct this swap so well!
    Congrats to Kim very lucky!

  9. Oh, Faby! I am so sorry! :( Have you tried to contact her?

    Thanks, Sonya! :)

  10. Dale! I am trying to catch up on blog reading so imagine my surprise to come here and find out I have won! I am sooo excited!! I can hardly think which set I like best since they are all so great! My eye keeps going back to the blue set in the middle- it's calling to me for some reason :) Thank you soooo much!!!!! I also want to say thank you for my lovely swap gifts. Since I am only a Mom to furry creatures I had almost forgotten I set it aside for opening- so opened it last night at 10 pm :) I love it all so much- you are a very talented woman ♥ When I get back to blogging I'll show pictures of the items proudly displayed in The Candy House :)

  11. Sweet Kim! You got here sooner than I expected, lol. So glad you like your swap items. I'll try to get your winnings off in the post today. :)

  12. Hi Dale, alas nothing arrived here yet and, even sadder, never arrived to Linda yet.I am getting depressed looking at all these lovely goodies. I hope you enjoied your Mum's day. Minihugs Rosanna

  13. Rosanna, I am so sorry! :(

    I think the next time I do a swap it will have to have a two or three month lead time as this is not working out the way I had hoped. I had no idea so many hadn't received their swaps, I thought it was just me who hadn't.
    I hadn't heard that anyone hadn't gotten theirs by the time I posted this. :(

    I am very sorry to everyone. :( Please, forgive me for ruining all of the suprises. :(

  14. congratulations to the winner of giveaway! Kim really lucky, I'm glad that she has won!
    gifts for the swap of the mother are all very beautiful! You saw how hard it is to organize an international swap? ah ah, I hope you enjoyed! I will, I hope to participate next time!
    kisses, so many!

  15. I read the previous comments, about the mail delays. I would like to reassure everyone that the mail comes slowly, be patient, traffic from U.S. to Italy is always very slow, I have had many experiences!
    and not the fault of the Italian Post, please dismantle this myth! :)))
    dear Dale, I advise you, next time, to organize the swap with much more advance. I have also experienced this, you know :))
    I hope to organize a new international swap, before the summer ... you'll be there?
    I embrace you, again!

  16. Thank you, Caterina! :)

    I look forward to your swap and if you don't see me, come hunt me down, I will definitely join in. :)

  17. Dale cuantas miniaturas más hermosas!!!
    ¡Muchas felicidades Kim!!!!
    Un beso

  18. Everyone did such a great job for the swap you organised, Dale :). Great job !

    And congratz to Kim for winning your fabulous creations. Thanks for organising the giveaway!! :)

  19. Thanks, Sans! Well, I learned a lot. Mostly what not to do again. lol The next one will be much better. :)


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