Monday, April 25, 2011

News to share and this and that :)

 Well, I hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday with family and friends, if you celebrate. :)

Isn't this the most darling thing?
I got this from De from De-Lightful Minis.
She and I are doing a little swap after I saw this on her blog.
She made me one with lots more pink (of course) I'm making her some kitchen chair cushions in return.

I thought her use of the one of a hook and eye as scissors to be nothing short of genius, but De always amazes me in more ways than one!

In other news, lol ;) I wanted to share with you what my friend Yuki from Spain has been making. Working TV's and laptops for the dollhouse. See this youtube video.  This is his etsy shop; Amatheria.
My friend Sandi found some of her miniatures in this slide show after attending the Boise, Idaho Miniatures Show. :)  You can find her etsy shop here. She also has a new shop on zibbet.
If you are on facebook, you probably already had a peek at this.

A new color scheme I am creating in for my giveaway next month.
Blue and Yellow.
Some close ups. :)
 Ottoman and pillows.

I'm trying to give the winner of my giveaway some choices. :)

If you are interested in my giveaway, see this post and follow the directions.
I hope your week is off to a fabulous start and that you are busy having fun with minis!
Until next time, my friends. :) 


  1. Happy Easter to you to Dale..a little bit late. The blue and yellow is a nice look especially for this time of year. I am trapped at the computer. I mopped the floor in here and I cannot move from chair till floor is dry. :)

  2. I'm so glad you like the sewing basket, Dale. And, while being called "genius" does have an appealing ring to it, I can't take credit for the scissors idea. ;) They look very effective, don't they?

  3. Thanks, Heidi. Now, that's a likely excuse, lol. ;)

    Hi De, oh, I love it, absolutely adore it. I've got it sitting on my work table and it's inspiring me. They are very effective as scissors, when I realized what it was, I was like, GENIUS! I would have never thought of it in a million years. I can still think you are a genius anyhoo. :)

  4. The TV is such a cute idea! And your little sewing basket is so sweet! I'm sure De was over the moon with her cushions!


  5. I love the blue and yellow combination!
    I am schizophrenic between my love of super modern design and Pierre Deux country style. Your new products are gorgeous! CM


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