Monday, May 16, 2011

Epic Failure! :(

Yup, this was a big ol' failure! :(

I was making this for a friend and the fabric proved to be just too thick, even though I've used it in upholstery applications in the past, 
like here;

and here;

The sectional proved to be more difficult than this;

and this
and even this;

But, I'm not going to give up all that quickly.

I'm far too stubborn! lol ;)

Kim was our lucky winner in the giveaway and she chose the blue set.

With any luck, she has already received it. :)

So, what do you do with the failures and the things that just don't cut the mustard?
Save them as a reminder of where you started?


  1. I am sure you will sort it out. As you have shown it has worked before. I love the colour.

  2. Dale, I think you're showing the wrong photo... THAT is a failure? I wish my failures would look that good! Put some of your lovely cushions on it and you'll have the most fantastic piece...


  3. Bummer Dale...we all have mini failures :( I just today threw away a couch I started 2 years ago, the fabric was a silky poly mix and just wouldn't glue right. I tossed it with a little chuckle. A sad reminder to never use the wrong fabric :( Your sectional could be used for a personal project, I love the color of the fabric.


  4. Awww I am sorry Dale :( I didn't think they look like failures at all! I thought they look great!

    What do I do with my failures? They literally go to the nutmeg shredder and get "upcycled." I don't think you can do that to a couch though. Other uses I have are encasing them in resin or cover them in something else. :) I do keep a few to look at, but I try not to.

  5. I try to see those failures are learning experiences, but it sure can be frustrating. Especially when a material you have used before doesn't perform the way you think it will!

    I usually dismantle the whatever-it-is and salvage anything usable, some thing go in the bin, and there are a few things I've saved.

    I can't see the flaws in the sectional in the the idea and can see it's well done. I would love to see one done with material you are happy with. Your furniture is so nicely made.

  6. doesnt look like a failure to me!! put some cushions on looks fabulous i tells ya!! :D Linda x

  7. I wouldn't mind it Dale, it just happens. And you know you made beautiful pieces before so don't worry about it at all.;)

  8. Dale, take heart: only those who do, get it wrong! And this happens even to the best...
    But I'm sure that the next time it will get better and then ... the sofa is still very cute :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  9. Usually I toss them...hahaha. As Thomas Edison was known to say, "..wasn't a failure...just another way it doesn't work". Seriously, sometimes I keep them (or notes) so I don't make the same mistake again.

  10. Thanks everyone! You're all so supportive, I really appreciate that. :)

    I guess it's not that visible in the pic, but, the corners gave me a hard time and as you can see, there are many corners on these, what 23 pieces that make up the sectional?

    Victoria, it is all about the correct fabric! If it shows glue, it's no good! If it can't be treated for fraying, no good! And, you know, once fabric starts getting little, it starts to fray and disappear right before your eyes!

    I've got another green I'm experimenting with, we shall see. Of course, it has to be perfect, perfect, perfect. Or as close as I can possibly manage! :)

    Betty, what is a nutmeg shredder? I'm curious. ;)

    Flora, that is a good expression. :)

    Tabitha, I love the Edison quote. Sometimes, I think I am trying all the ways that don't work! lol I keep notes too and sometimes they are hung up in my studio. Like, near the ironing board there is a big note that says don't iron with pins in! ;)

  11. Dearie, you can hardly call that epic! But I know you, Ms Perfectionist :):):).

    You know the daybed that you showed in the last picture? It's so like the one designed by mys sister's partner in 1998!!!! :):) You hae made a mini version of it! I must show my sis :) You can see his version here :

  12. Looks very nice to me, all I can say, I can't spot 'm. You've probably been working so close for so long, working on this material and dressing it the way you want it to go in the corners, that you know all the little flaws....

    like you said, leave them for later reverence, i.e. to see where to improve. They trigger me to get it "right" the next time. At least that's what I do with them. I can be stubborn too :-)) and go for perfection

  13. I made some mini cupcakes and they flopped all over the place but I keep them out and I might fix them one day

    it's what we do right?

    Mini Hugs
    Marisa :)

  14. I always learn so much from my so-called failures! Thanks for sharing your with us--may save me a lesson! :-)

  15. Dale, I don't think your sectional looks like a failure, either. A thinner fabric would be easier to work with, though, on the corners.

    I don't think I would throw the sectional away. Sometimes I use my
    not quite perfect items for furnishing children's dollhouses. I've done a couple for friends. However, I think the sectional is lovely as is for adults or children. :)

  16. Oh well, failure is sometimes in ours eyes only but we are the best judges of our work. Another Italian motto is: Only those who do nothing never fails. Exactly what Flora has already told you with other words.
    I am sure that you'll sort out the right way aka fabric, and you'll soon show us another gorgeous piece. Minihugs, Rosanna

  17. Sans! :) Thanks for the link. All of that furniture would be lovely in mini. Modern furniture is becoming so popular in mini. :)

    Debora, trust me, it's heavily flawed. lol

    Marisa, yes, it's what we do! :)

    No problem plushpussycat. :)

    De, its far worse than it appears. Even a child would not be happy with it. Oh, well, cie la vie!

    Rosanna, I like the sentiment. I'm sure I've got plenty of failures in my future, but, I'll keep on doing to get there. :)

  18. Dale a mí me gustado mucho todos los muebles que acabo de ver ¡Muy lindos!!!
    Un abrazo

  19. My failures look much worse then yours! I guess that makes you a perfectionist. I love all your work.

  20. Thanks, Caroline. Yes, I guess I am a bit of a perfectionist. Oh, well, I think that comes with the territory of being an miniaturist, to keep striving for better and better. :)


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