Monday, March 28, 2011

Giveaway, Swap and More! :)

Okay, so I am going to do a swap and a giveaway!

First the swap. Since I've never run a swap before, this will be an education in the process. ;)
The swap theme is "Mother's Day" so anything feminine that you would give as a gift on Mother's Day would be appropriate. Mother's Day here in the USA is on May 8th, this year.
If you would like to be in the Swap, comment on this post and leave a preference for color and I will match peeps up and have names listed on this Sunday. So, time is of the essence for this one! It would be great if everyone could get their swap items made, sent and received by May 8th so we can all do a reveal on that day. Feel free to share this with your followers if you have a blog, the more the merrier! :)

Now, on to the giveaway. :)
The last time I had a giveaway was last year on Mother's Day, so, I think that will be the day I announce the winner. Only, the winner won't have to wait as long as the last one did, since life is much calmer here now. :)
There are many ways to increase your chances of winning the giveaway. :)
Be a follower of my blog and comment on this post.
Join in the swap and get another chance to win.
Mention my giveaway on your blog.
Like my fan page on facebook.
Give here and you will get two extra chances to win,  it's such a good cause. You only have until March 31st to do this. For privacy concerns, you can just email me the reference number, don't tell me how much, it will all add up. :)

So, you can have seven entries to win. :)

Now, do you want to know what the giveaway is or would you like to be surprised?

I hope this doesn't get too crazy! lol

So, you are probably wondering what these pictures are of, aren't you?

Last year, I had a client in need of some bird of paradise plants.  I put the word out of my need and very graciously Cecilia Colo sent me one she had made. She thought I could make them myself, but one look, I knew it was out of my realm, they are made from clay. Isn't it lovely though? I've been enjoying it on my work table for quite a while now.

The urns were filled by my friend Cath of Golden Unicorn Minis. I love them. :)

I've been seeing a lot of birdhouses on peoples blogs lately and I wanted to share with you the one my dear friend Sandi of WhimsyCottageMinis gave me. She doesn't have any in her shop right now, as she is preparing for a miniature show, but, she said if you convo her on etsy, she'll reserve them for you. :)

Look how it comes packaged, isn't this the cutest thing?
Need a prescription for your addiction? ;)

What's this?
Oh, just a bit of shopping....

more to come on that later. :)


  1. Dale ! What a comeback! Organising a swap and a giveaway! You da superwoman! I am still trying to catch my breath here. :):)

    A little lunchtime detour but will have to get back to work in 15 mins. Had a Reese peanut butter cup mini last night. Guess who gave me that? :):) Of course I thought of you :).

  2. Oooh count me in! I love those plants! Bird of paradise flowers are what I give my mother for Mother's Day each year, isn't that cool? It started when I was 5 and my dad took me to a flower shop so I could pick flowers for my mom. I chose these flowers, because they're a little different then others, but very beautiful and easy to love, like my mom :)

    I've found you on Etsy! Your shop is great, so much to see!
    I'm going to think about the swap too. I love swapping, but I'll have to find the time...

  3. Hi,I'm Sonya.I would like to enter in your Give away and in the swap.
    My favourite colors are orange and lavander.
    If you want mail me
    My blog is:
    I'll try to make every thing you request,I hope to understand well.Please forgive me if I make some mistakes about language.
    Love from Italy

  4. Oh Dale,please count me in,for the swap AND the giveaway.
    I already ow that nobody will celebrate Mother's Day here, they never do, and a swap would be just the right thing.
    Do I have to chose a colour ?? well, I love all pastel colours, mostly blues and pinks and yellows. It's up to you which one is better. Thank you very much, minihugs Rosanna

  5. Hi! I would love to join in to the Mother's day swap and please count me in your beautiful giveaway :)

    Kisses from Jaana

  6. Okay...
    I am a fan of your blog, your page, and your Etsy shop. I am posting on here AND I put a post on my blog with a link to here. I love giveaways!

    No swap for me this time but I will keep my eagle eye out for another one at another time.

  7. Hi Dale,
    I can not participate in the swap right now...I have no enough time to prepare before May.
    But I would love to participate in your giveaway (I have one ongoing too :) )You now I am already fan on facebbok and your shop is one of my fav in Etsy!!!

  8. So do we only have one swap partner? If that is the case, then I will sign up- but since I am a little committed I don't think I can do it if there is more than one person to send to. Hope that made sense! If I had to choose colors that I love I would of course say ANY!!! I LOVE color :)

  9. Hi,I would love to particiapte in your lovely giveaway,I follow you on facebook and put the link in my blog too.In Spain mother's day is the first Monday of May and is so special day for me,I hope you enjoy it! Sweets regards

  10. Sans, you know what they say, the more you have to do, the more you get done. :)

    Love Reese's! :)

    Lirael, that is so sweet about your mom. :) Thank you! :)

    Kim, yes, just one item or a few little things to one other person. I think I will try to mix peeps up so that you have the possibility of meeting two new friends. KWIM? Give to one, receive from another.

    Thank you all so much for joining in, this is going to be such fun! :)

    Yay! :)

  11. I would love to participate in the Swap and also the giveaway! I love all pastel colors in blue,pink and green.

  12. Hi, I'm a new follower of your fantastic blog. I would like to enter in your giveaway and swap.
    My favourite colors: red, white, black and pink.
    I put your link on my blog.
    Kiss Fabiola

  13. HELLO!!!
    I just adore your great work and art with minis, it's always a pleasure to visit your blog !!!
    So continue with the good work!!!
    I would love to participate in your giveaway.
    Thank you very much for sharing your talent with us.
    Have a nice day!!
    Beatriz Martin

  14. Sans! is right - you're superwoman! ;O) Thank you very much for organizing all this. Please count me in for your giveaway, sadly I'm not able to participate in your swap and I'm not on facebook... I'll link your giveaway on my blog!


  15. Thank you, Patty! Glad to have you along. :)

    Welcome Fabiola! :)

    Thank you, Beatriz. :)

    Thanks, Brigit! :)

  16. Hi Dale! I would love to participate in the swap and the giveaway, too! Add some more stuff to my plate, eh? At least this way I will get something for Mother's Day! DH is not the best at remembering things like that. :/

    Should be okay since I am not doing anything for Etsy these days. :)

    My color of choice for the swap is something light blue/yellow. :)

  17. Hey Girl !

    Thank you for making me "Famous" count me on for the SWAP, just how many do I have to made and to whom do I have to send it???

    Congrats on your nice Mothers Day idea!!!

    A big hug from México.


  18. Lyssa, thanks so much for jumping on board! I think this will be fun. :)

    Cecilia! So good to see you here. :) You are only going to have to make one for the swap. I think that is the easiest way to go, I'll pair everyone up by Sunday. :)

  19. I'm sorry to be late and miss this, can I join for the swap or is it to late? If so, then mabe next time, no hard feelings,
    * marlies

  20. Marlies, welcome aboard! It's not too late, I'll put the names for the swap together on Sunday night, maybe even extend it to Monday, so we have a good mix participating. :)

  21. Thank you,you make me happy! then I will think off something I could make, I got some idea, but I have to wait for my partner for the color, yes?

    O, my favorite color is bleu!
    * marlies

  22. Yes, Marlies, I'll announce partners and color preferences. :)

    Glad I made you happy, you made me smile. :)

  23. how have i missed this!!! lol :D please count me in for the swap and the giveaway :D yayyyyyyyy how exciting!!!

    colours...i like anything shabby!!! :)
    woohoooo exciting! :D Linda x

  24. oooooo and i forgot...i'm in Australia incase anyone doesnt want to post out of country...i dont care where i post to :D Linda x

  25. I'd like to enter your giveaway. I've done everything you've asked in the lists, for the record. Wasn't sure if I was supposed to tell you or not. I'm still waking up here... >.>
    Anyhow, have a brilliant day!

  26. Good luck with your swap and giveaway

  27. I just saw this on your f/b so rushed right over!!! hope I'm in time to be included in the giveaway? tis too late for me to do the mothers day swap tho as its mothers day TODAY in the UK lol :D

  28. Hiya just started folowing you, please can i be included in both too xx

  29. It's not too late to get in on the swap! I just poked in here and I'm glad I did. If you know anyone that you think might want to join in the swap, let them know now...

    I'll be putting up a new post later this evening, so there's still time for the swap.

    And plenty of time for the giveaway, that will be May 8th, Mother's Day in the USA. :)

    Thanks everyone for participating!!

    Be back soon! :)

  30. Details for the swap exchange coming tomorrow, I got tuckered out. :)

  31. I would love to be included in your fabulous plant give away.
    How generous of you Dale.
    I have been catching up tonight so I would like to wish you good luck with your first swop. It looks like it is going to be a great success.

  32. Hi ths is for Jaanan the email addy you gave has been returned, this is mine maybe you could find me lol as i cant find you mine is thankyou, please get in touch xxxxx

  33. Dale,

    Am I too late for the swap already? LOL...It's all right! I'll join in the next round ;)
    Sounds so fun!!

    Pei Li

  34. Thank you, Janice! :) I hope so!

    Chrissey, have you heard back from Jaana?

    Yes, Pei Li, but, I'll be looking around for you for the next swap. :)

  35. Thank you for organizing a giveaway. Please count me in. I didn't put a comment sooner because I thought about the swap, I realized that I wouldn't have time to do anything .
    Now it's time to enter your giveaway.

  36. brava mi piacciono le tue creazioni.grazie per la possibilita'.ciao ciao

  37. brava mi piacciono molto le tue creazioni.grazie per l'oppurtunita'.ciao ciao.
    p.s. spero non arrivi doppio il messaggio.

  38. Glad to have you along, Geneviève. :)

    Grazie, Erika, non preoccuparti per il doppio distacco. :)

  39. Oh Dale, I'm in like flynn. lol! I just got a RL Bird of Paradise. Wish me luck that I don't kill it!

  40. I believe that to participate in the swap is too late, I read the list of participants, already made ​​up: ((
    I will attend next time! forgiveness, but I did not read your post ...
    I hope to enter the give away, at least ... however, I put the link on my blog.
    a kiss and Happy Easter to you and your family, too!

  41. Hi Dale. I just seen your post on facebook and it reminded me that I hadn't entered. I meant to but I wanted to wait until the swap was done and then it slipped away. I am glad you posted on facebook. I would love to be entered for the giveaway and I just hope I am not too late.

  42. Doreen, I did add your name into the drawing, just so you know, you were included. :)


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