Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Minis Listed!

My new line of minis have all been listed at artfire.

Quick question! Does anyone know why my picture is not showing up on the blog roll?
Many thanks to anyone that can answer that one!
dale :)


  1. Wow Dale! Your Artfire shop looks Super Duper.

    Victoria ❤

  2. The shop looks really great Dale!
    Seems we both have been away from blogland for some time, it's good both to have you back and be back myself!

  3. I like your pillows, but the other things what you do sofa etc too.
    Greetings. Ingeborg Hungary

  4. Yes, Sans! I do! :) Busy girl here. ;)

    Welcome back, Helene! It's so good to see you! :)

    Thank you, Ingeborg. Welcome! :)


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