Saturday, March 12, 2011


Is it me, you're looking for? lol Channeling a little Lionel Richie. :) If you'd like to hear the song, click here. :) Just don't forget to come back and read the post, lol. ;)

I never dreamed that I would be gone from blogland for so long! I'm sorry, I thought I would just take a couple of weeks off and be back up and running, such was just not meant to be.

Life had gotten a little overwhelming here and you don't realise just how bad things are, until they change. The last five years have been more than a struggle to put it politely. Things have changed significantly and I now find myself evaluating goals, ideas and priorities. Who am I, what am I doing, what is important.... I just read recently that these are signs of coming out of mourning, for which I am grateful to begin living life again and to catch up on literally, a life that has been on hold.

While I will continue making my minis which have been an escape and a saving grace over the last few years, I add on to my list of things to do with projects around the home. I'm hoping to start a new blog that will document these as well as my passion for cooking, gardening and all things domestic, with a lot of decorating, life size! :)

It swells my heart and brings tears to my eyes to read all of the comments on my last post so many months ago. That the comments kept coming along while the blog was dormant, as well as the many private emails and messages I recieved from you my readers, let me know, that I wasn't alone, nor would I be forgotten and I'm so appreciative of that, more than you know.

I'm glad I had facebook in the mean time, to pop in and see what peeps were up to. Seems so many of you are on fb and that was just wonderful for not feeling completely out of touch.

This is what it looked like around here for most of the winter. Seems there was just one snow storm after another. We've been snow free for a few weeks now and the daffodils are just starting to poke out of the ground now, a sure sign that spring is not only in the air, but will be here soon!

We had a young gal living with us for a while and she recreated our entire family, including pets in clay for us as a gift. Not only did she capture us, but she did particularly well capturing the pets in their favorite poses. From left to right starting in the back is Sissy (mommy's baby), then Katrina (itty bitty kitty), Serena (mama's fat girl) and finally, Isabelle (belly girl). I thought the clay artists among you might appreciate the budding talent of the artist. :) 
So, I'll be back to share with all of you, I've got new minis in the works as well as many minis bought as retail therapy. ;) And there's a lot of them, still in their packaging, waiting to be shared with all of you.

So now, I bid you adieu, but not for so long! :)
Thanks for still being my readers, I look foward to catching up with you and your projects and thank you  to all that joined to follow in my absence. :)
tootles! :)
d. :)


  1. I am so glad you are back! xoxo

  2. Hello again - it's good to hear from you! And it will be even better if your blog pause is over now and your head is free for blogging and miniatures again.


    P.S.: Lovely family portrait, she's got talent.

  3. Thanks carlanne and Birgit. :)

  4. Welcome back Dale. Nice to see you again, Rosanna

  5. So nice to hear from you! I hope you are feeling better and will have some mini time soon. You've been missed!

  6. *wiggles and dances*

    i can recognize you and Dan!

  7. Thank you, so much Rosanna and Kathi. :)

    Cindy, isn't it cute? I love it. :)

  8. Well I am a newbie to your blog but not to you...facebook friend transition. :)
    My blog has bad words sometimes so if that isn't kosher to you, do not go.
    Heidi Cleveland

  9. I am glad to find your blog. I am a noob here but a mini friend till the end from FB.
    My blog has some swearing so I am forewarning you ahead of time.:)

  10. Thanks, De. :) Good to see you, too. :)

    Heidi, lol, now I must check up on it! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoy you very much on fb. :)

  11. Hello Dale, I miss you! are not enough words to comfort a friend, if you are so far away ... know that I am happy to read you again, and I hope you walk away not much time left ... we glimpsed on Etsy. I'm glad you're back on the air!
    a big hug! Caterina

  12. Caterina, you hold my heart. :)
    Love you! :)

  13. Welcome back Dale! Can't wait to see your new minis.

    Victoria ❤

  14. Welcome back!
    In difficult times time is a great help, no matter how long it takes. I know very well about that.
    Best wishes

  15. Thanks, Victoria and Geneviève! :)

  16. Good to see you back. I haven't blogged in over a month, myself, but usually this is out of a lack of time, rather than your situation--I hope that with the Spring and warmer weather comes a renewal in your life as well!

  17. HAPPY you're back!:D Missed you!:D

  18. Hola Dale
    Me encanta ver de nuevo subidas en tu blog, te echabamos de menos.
    Ha sido una alegria ver de nuevo tu logo del gatito negro jejeje
    besitos ascension

  19. hooray--Dale is back blogging! :)

    I love the little clay family that was made for you- it is adorable!

    I want to follow your new blog!! I would love to follow along on gardening and real life decorating!! I LOVE gardening :) Glad you are back in blogland Dale ♥

  20. Hola ascensión, Gracias, es tan bueno verte de nuevo, también. Te diré un secreto, que gatito negro poco se va a conseguir una actualización pronto. ;) Es bueno estar de vuelta. :) Abrazos!

  21. Thanks, Kim! I love my little family. :) She was quite tickled to see I had it featured on my blog.

    Well, that will make you and I following the new blog, lol, when ever it gets up and running!;)

    Hugs to you, Kim! :)

  22. I am new to this blog and am looking forward to learning new mini ideas. From the comments of others, it appears I have come to the right place. Thanks Dale!

  23. Well, thank you, Nancy! Welcome! :)

  24. I read this post in India but the connection was too slow for me to try and leave a comment.

    I had so much to say but today I think I will just bid you a hearty welcome back, my dear friend and hope that we can continue our banter and chats and encouragement as if you have never left.

  25. Thank you, Sans! Big hugs! :)

    You and I had discussed what this post would be. I'd love to hear your thoughts (privately). :)


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