Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's come in the mail recently!

Finally, my urns have arrived! :)

They are from Golden Unicorn Minis, her shop has been on vacation, but it is now up and running again. :)
Don't they look fantastic? All the way around the plants are different, which is why I took a few pictures, I love all of the detailing, just like what I would have done with real life urns. Someday, they will flank the front door of my dollhouse.

If you would like to see the tutorial for faux finishing these aged urns, click here.

Porch or lawn chairs from Inside-Out Minis. She's taking a break at the moment, but, be sure to bookmark her shop for future reference. You can look at her sales to see previous work.

She customised these for me in black. I have these vintage chairs in real life and plan on vamping them up this summer and painting them black.

A mug tree, also by Inside-Out Minis. Another custom request from me, plain (without mugs) and painted black. Looks like iron work, doesn't it?

I have a tutorial from the gal at Inside-Out Minis to make clay tea cups. If one of you DIY'ers are interested in it, let me know in the comments. Some of you know, I'll never touch the clay, so I'll pass this along. If more than one are interested, I'll do a draw. It is completely detailed with color photographs, instructions and tools to accomplish it.

Table is by my buddy Ray of minibuilder on etsy.

I was able to get my mug and my husband's at a local craft shop, but, because my children have unusual names, they weren't available. :( 

But, I managed to find a guy on ebay named facetmulti and he created the mugs that I couldn't find. :)

I've been crazy busy as usual with life, family, custom orders and collaborations. I'm way behind on my blog reading, more than usual. Probably doesn't help that I've discovered Facebook, lol, but,  I see a lot of you out there, so that's nice. :)

I'm terribly behind on my personal correspondence and I'm hoping to get up with that soon, I haven't forgotten about you! :)

My giveaway is on Sunday, so if you would like to be included in it, just make a comment on that posting.

I'll see you on Sunday with the results. :)

As always, click on the pink links and poke the pictures to see them larger. :)


  1. I have missed you, Dale darling :) but I know you are around :). Facebook eh? Been there, not sure I like it anymore :).

    I think your dollhouse is going to be so spectacular. The urns are pretty but you are right, its how the plants are arranged. Totally grand. But those personalised mugs! WOW! I've not seen them done this way, it's so obvious and yet this is the 1st time I have seen people done it in minis :). The idea rocks! And I love those chairs! I am sure you will do a great job with them.

    Have I told you that you are really good at photographing minis? No mean feat!

    It's so good to "talk" to you again about what we both love. Don't go away for too long now!

  2. I love all your recent acquisitions, and I'm thrilled that Golden Unicorn Minis is back from vacation :)

  3. Dangerous, GUM is awesome, I love her and her work dearly. I'm thrilled with these pieces, they are so much better in real life than in pics, I tried!

  4. Oh, my dear darling Sans! I so love you and you are one that I have to get up with. I was looking for things that I wanted to send you, I found some, but not the most impressive one and I am so mad at myself right now about that.

    You are such a dear heart, I hold you so close in my mind and heart, even though we are so far apart. (I rhymed, did you see that there? lol)

    I have been finding wonderful long lost friends and some new ones on facebook, so it has been a blessing in many ways. :)

    Sans, these mini mugs have been around, I had a ten year hiatus while raising kids and you know, life. ;)

    The guy on ebay is current and he's a sweetie. :)

    eh, I am still working on my pictures, but, thank you. :)

    You touch my heart in a way that so few do. You are a treasure my dear, a true treasure and I will catch up. I hope you don't have ten postings by now. lol ;)

  5. These may be called urns! Beautiful!

  6. You have collected fab stuff :) And thanks for the links, the pottery is so nice looking, I've been searching stuff like that for a long time :)


  7. Las planta son preciosas y la silla me encanta.
    Pero las tazas son ademas de originales una maravilla!!!
    besitos ascension

  8. Lovely minis Dale!!The urns from Golden Unicorn are lovely and agree with Sans that the plant arrangements are perfect!! I really love the personalised mugs!!!
    Warm regards,

  9. Great stuff. I especially like the mugs and stand and yes, it does look like wrought iron. :-)

  10. Thank you everyone! :)

    I'm happy to provide the links for my favorite minis. :)

  11. Fantastic your new minis,so original! hugs

  12. Such beautiful urn planters and plants and I love the little mug trees and Ray's beautiful table. So glad to be part of such a talented group of folks.


  13. Wonderful, Caths work is great.

    I love the mugs too. I buy bits and pieces from facetmulti as well....great guy.

    Thank you so very, very much for your donation and mentioning this on facebook.

    The more people we can reach, the more money we can try and raise.

    I am so touched by the generosity of people helping me get the word out.

    Thank you xxx

  14. Esas tazas con su "armazón de hierro" me gustan muchisimo!!


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