Monday, May 10, 2010

More Screens and visit Tallulah Belle!

Does this screen look familiar? lol
I was inspired to make another, as the first one I made, I didn't even get it listed in my etsy shop and it was sold. That was a nice feeling and it's recipient seems quite pleased with it. :)
At Sans's suggestion, I went back to the store and looked for this same pattern in different colors.
This one is sage green.
This one is a chocolate brown.

They are all available in my etsy shop, click here.

You simply must stop by Tallulah Belle's blog,  (click here or) if you hit on the title of this blog entry, it will take you directly to her blog. She is doing a giveaway with meaning. I strongly encourage you to participate in this. I will be taking a cue from her the next time I do a give away as I find this to be truly inspirational.

I hope your week is off to a good start! :)


  1. The screens are wonderful and the one you made for Sans is perfect. I love the one with the Touile de Jouy, the children are so cute.I still have to take a pic of the T-cozy with your fabric, I still have to finish it with its trimmings! I'm not lazy but time is short and I've too many ideas and I go on with new pieces and do not finish the old one. Naughty me!

  2. Thank you, Rosanna. Sans got a preview of a different selection of screens, she picked that one out for herself. Those were inspired by her interests.

    I still have to send you the smaller gingham! lol I so understand with all of the projects, I started these screens a couple of weeks ago and only just got some completed over the weekend.

    It's what we creative people do. :)

  3. Thanks so much sweetie....really appreciated.

    I love that blue color. Seriously looking at these has made me realize that this wouldn't be so hard to make life size. With a larger one in the center than the sides that would make a pretty nice custom headboard. beds with upholstered they'd go down well :-)

  4. Tallulah you are very welcome. That was such a fabulous idea for such a good cause!

    Where you reading my mind, lol! I've already thought of upholstered head boards! :)

  5. Had funny.

    I think they'd be fab. You could do all sorts of Susan would love an Indian shaped one :-)

    That is what I plan on doing in my real life guest room. She is really helpful with ideas for me.

  6. Yup! lol

    I know, right? But, the rest of the bed would be a challenge for me, I'm not a wood worker. I'll have to keep pondering on it.

    Sans is a wealth of inspiration and information. :)

  7. I saw your screen and I had some material left over from a curtain project my daughter mad me make.It was damask. I was inspired to make a couch and chair and I had the most hits on it from flickr I've had lately. Thanks CM

  8. My Realitty, I just saw you posted this on Oese's blog.

    I am so glad that I have inspired you, that is just too cool! :)

    You must show me, I would love to see it. :)

  9. Hi Dale. I congratulate you on this new success: among others, are able to give a modern look to an accessory so démodé...

  10. Now who's the true inspiration here,huh? You, of course, my dear :). I "spoke" to you so much today, I forgot that I haven't posted my comment here. These new colours are gorgeous! But it was gorgeous from the word go.

    I am choosing for a specific haveli and that's why I only picked one.I really want them all. Greedy as always :). (That green one is special though ;) )

    But Dale, you really do have magic fingers when it comes to cloth. I often imagine how it'd look when you work. Like there's a little cartoon jingle playing in the background and you whistle as you sew; and then suddenly the cloth comes to life and starts to sing and dance; with smiley faces and all; and they just fold perfectly, only because it's you who working them. :)

  11. Beautiful little screens! It's always fun to try different color combinations as seeing the same miniature in a different color may inspires new ideas.

  12. Beautiful screens Dale, I like all!!! hugs

  13. Thank you, Flora and Paky! :)

    Maia, that is so true!

    Sans, that's way too funny, but sadly, I fear I am pretty boring while creating, just quiet and concentrating and popping up and down.. I try to sit as much as I can, but, find standing hunched over gives one a better perspective? I dunno, lol!

  14. The screens are beautiful!
    In my blog there is a giveaway to participate just leave a comment!

  15. Thank you, Maria. :)

    I'm on my way! lol ;)

  16. OMG Dale, I thought I am the only one who sew standing up, sometime!! LOL.

  17. Sans, apparently you still are!


    I sit when I'm sewing, but cutting I have to stand as your perspective is skewed when sitting. You wouldn't get accurate results. I love precision in mini making. :)

    Trust me, I try to be sitting most of the time. ;)

  18. Hi it is Tuesday and I just blogged about your screen because it is sooooooo beautiful. LOVE IT! CM

  19. It took me forever to find you! your picture icon doesn't have a link to your site...but I found you on one of cindy's old posts and here I am!

  20. mr pineapple man! So glad you have joined us, your blog is hysterical!!!

    I dunno, when I look at my profile page, my blog is listed right under my blogs.

    What do you see? hmmmm....

  21. I really want to say and tell everyone that I have received the most most most beautiful damask screens from you!! Not only are they beautifully packed and perfectly made, they have to be sewed with the most wonderfully apt fabric I have ever seen. The colours and patterns are so vivid and gorgeous!! They really look better in real life and I didn't think that was possible.

    Thank you so very much, Dale. I am super duper happy with the purchase and your gifts. I am behind in posts but I will definitely show them off in time.

  22. Awww... thanks, Sans. :)

    Your liking them is the most important thing to me.

    Thank you so much for the nice compliments. :)


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