Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm baaaaaaack! LOL! ;)

Hello everyone!
Happy New Year!

I truly did not mean to be gone for so long!
I've really missed blogging and reading everyone's blogs.

What was just going to be a couple of weeks off, turned out to be longer than I expected, but, that's life sometimes, isn't it?

I hope everyone had a most enjoyable holiday season and hope that the new year is off to a good start for all. :)

Isn't this tree darling! I love it! I'm thinking about maybe hot pink and lime green ornaments, what do you think? I got this from De, she made it custom for me. You can find her shop on etsy here and her blog here.
Thanks, De! :)

Look at this!

A little something, something from Sans. She was celebrating her blog anniversary. Isn't that sweet? A hundred roses! I know exactly what I'm going to do with them, too. A subject for another post! (I love to tease, can you tell?lol) You can find Sans blog here, she has one of the best blogs and is a real doll, too!
Thanks, Sans! :)

Just because I haven't been blogging, doesn't mean I haven't been making minis! I've been working on some custom bar stools for an art deco bar for my friend Richard. You can find his blog here and his etsy shop here. He's just listed his first art deco room box.

I'm just about to upholster this!

Sorry, it's a little blurry. It's a custom order for Ray, his etsy shop is here.

Look what I found tucked behind the Christmas decorations in the attic!

My girls minis. I wonder if they still want them... hmmm...
You know I saved them because I thought they were important.
Now, all I want to do is play with them! lol ;)

So here it is 2010 and I'm diving in!
Lots to do and much in store for the new year!

I even have some more followers to, as they say, "Welcome to the Party!"

They are:
danitza zarate

Wow! That's a lot of new additions! :)
Welcome to you all and thanks for following me. :)
As usual, anything in pink on my blog is clickable, so click away and check them all out!

One last bit of news before I end this post. I've been chosen to be on the second Community Counsel at etsy. I am honored to have been chosen and will do my very best to represent my community. :)

I've added a couple of new items to my shop, so if you haven't been around in a while, check it out here.

Now, I'm off to see what you've been up to!
(fears catching up will take weeks!)


  1. You are very welcome, Dale! Please post pictures when you get the little tree decorated. Thanks for the advertising! :-)

  2. Dearest Dales, welcome!! where have you hidden? I've missed you! I am glad to read that you are well ... best wishes to you in a good year, which is rich in health and...minis! LOL!

  3. eHH??? LMAO GRATZ!

    had no clue what they were talking about, and now i know. eesh. GRATZ! HAHA!

  4. You're welcome, De. :)

    Caterina, thank you, so good to see you. :) (((Caterina)))

    Cindy ???

    (that girl always keeps me on my toes)

    LOL :)

  5. LOL yea i don't know what i say half the time either XD oops!

    didn't mean to keep you all edgy and stuff, but hahaha you crack me up XD

  6. O babe! Such sweet things you say :). Thank you :). Hope you like the flowers. Small gift. :)and a big welcome back.

    I have a look see at your girls' minis and by gosh, there are some beauties in there. Don't throw them away! By the way, I see you are already using them in your pictures for the etsy shop

    I also went to your friends' art deco links and they are great stuff.

  7. Welcome back, I know sometimes wintertime just sends us into a sort of hibernation mode... or that's just me. ;) congrats on the community council, too!!

  8. Welcome back. I missed you and I look forward to seeing that bench when you finish it.

  9. Cindy, okay, I get it now. LOL! ;)

    Sans, :)
    I could never throw out a mini! Hush your mouth child! That would be a sin! ;) I'm hoping they don't want them any more and I can keep them. :)

    I can't wait to see Richard's bar and restuarant completed. :)

    sMAC, thank you! sometimes it does seem cave like here in the winter. ;)

    Thanks, Doreen! :) I've gotta catch up with you! :)


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