Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Featured Artist: Yuki of Amatheria

Here are some miniatures I got from Yuki, recently. :)

These darling Ikea inspired end tables, aren't they cute?

This beautiful triptych in my favorite colors.
Too funny, he had them labeled on the back; left, center, right.
I thought oh, I can figure that out, lol. ;)
This is the second picture I had to take, cause the first one was out of order and one was upside down. ;)

Isn't it just beautiful, though? That's all hand painted. :)

I cut off a word here, it says, "Origami Samurai Helmet Inside"

I definitely needed one, as I didn't have one! :)

And, here it is! How cute is this? It's like less than a half of an inch, all folded up so precisely, what a treat! :)

To round it out, for my love of pink and kitties, a bunch of tiny pink kitty cut outs in two shades.
How thoughtful of him. :)

Thanks, Yuki! :)

If you haven't been by his shop, you do have to check it out. He specialises in quite a number of things and he does a lot of research and study before he creates to make accurate as possible, a true representation in miniature.

That is pretty cool!

In his shop, you will find Ikea inspired furniture, Japanese handpainted screens, miniature origami, Miniature Antique Japanese books and books on horoscopes and mythology.

His interests wear me out. ;)
To see his shop, click on the title of this post and it should take you right there. Be sure to let him know that dale sent you. ;)

I have two new followers to welcome and they are; dollmum you can find her blog here, where she shares her love of dolls and  LĂșcia Soares, I don't see a blog for her. Lucia and dollmum, Welcome! :)
Lucia, if you have a blog, leave me a comment with your website. Thanks for following, ladies. :)

I've been very busy making miniatures. I must have spent twenty hours last Saturday and Sunday creating. Fun, but, a little tiring. ;)  I've been trying to expand on what is in my etsy shop and include some new and different types of things. Check out my etsy shop here and let me know what you think about the new arrivals. I'm interested in any suggestions, advice or opinions. Thanks!

Today has been a busy and long day, I'm hoping to have a nice quite evening and catch up on my blog reading. It's so easy to get behind, as new posts are always being created!

Don't worry, I have that compulsive urge to look up all of the older posts to make sure I don't miss anything. Of course, if I commented on every post, y'all would probably kick me out of blogland for seeing my name too often. ;)

Here's hoping that everyone's holiday preparations are going smoothly and that you are enjoying all of the festivities and social engagements that come along with this time of year. :)

ps, just a cautionary note to my fellow bloggers, do use google translator before posting messages in another language. I had the most surprising comment today, and that's all I'll say as, I like to keep this rated G, for good. ;)


  1. Origami????????????????
    ah ah!! WONDERFUL!!
    good night, Caterina

  2. Been to Etsy and back! I love your little Valentine pillows and the screens are very nice too! You have a wonderful selection there.

  3. Isn't he amazing, Caterina? :)

    Thanks so much, Kathi, you are sweet. :) Though, I think I should have photographed them on off white as the lace is barely visible. :( Back to the drafting table on those! lol ;)

  4. Hi Dale, I will take a closer look at your Etsy when I am back :). But so far what I see are very good.

  5. Thank you, Susan. :)

    I hear you are off on a big adventure, I hope you are taking lots of pictures. :)

  6. Gosh, tiny origami!

    Is there no end to the ingenuity of miniaturists.....?

  7. I don't think there is Sandra, as I am completely amazed!

  8. Oh wow what a wonderful package!
    Yuki is very talented :)

  9. Merry Christmas Dale! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!


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