Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dollhouse Miniature Monogram Pillows

They're all here in my etsy shop.

So, if you've been patiently waiting for a specific letter of the alphabet, it's all there from A-Z plus four coordinating patterned pillows.

These pillows are fun, I've enjoyed making them and sending them all around the world.

Use them for your own initials, or even to spell words.  They have an art nouveau style to them.  Backed with a black and white gingham, the end result reminds me of Mackenzie-Childs or Mary Englebreit.  I guess we share our love of the black and white checks.

Full details and description can be found in each listing, these are 1/12th scale dollhouse miniature pillows.

They also make a great gift for a little something, something for any miniaturist. Quantities are limited, so don't wait to make your purchase or you might lose out. :(

Looks like quite a few new followers have joined my blog spot. Now, I understand why people welcome more to the party, it is starting to have a party atmosphere here. ;)

So, let me welcome you all warmly. :)

From where we last left off, we have glimpse of my world, I don't know too much about her, yet.

Susan from Between Naps on the Porch, yeah, she just has a couple of followers, LOL! I've been following her blog for a while now and it's filled with lots of eye candy and decorating/table scape ideas.

Begonia, she's a relatively new miniaturist.

callsmall has really sharp images of her minis, often modern and often quite colorful. :)

sabiha and she blogs about her mini projects.

Birgitta is Swedish, and I don't know too much more about her, she's a photographer.

And finally, Ose who is not in any way least. ;) She seems like a really nice lady with a good sense of humor. I've been enjoying her blog Room by Room for quite a while and she has a second blog as well, here, it's a mini barbershop.

Whew! That was a lot!
Just click on any of the colored words for links and say hello if you have the chance. :)

Welcome everyone, and thank you for following my blog. :)

Until next time... ;)


  1. Dale, these pillows kill me! They are just gorgeous!!

  2. We are having a great party, aren't we...

    I love those pillows!

  3. They are lovely and so chic. I love the black gingham, it's so hard to find here. Have a nice day Rosanna

  4. I really love these pillows and was wondering if I should use my lottery ticket to redeem them and probably buy some more. Do you think it will go with my Indian Palace?

  5. It's a wonderful photo, Dale! The pillows look amazing in a big pile. You could almost make up a game of those. Like taking turns and forming words or something. Lovely!

  6. Rosanna, thanks! Black gingham is hard to find around here. I have been carrying around a swatch in my purse for months now. I have a slightly larger gingham to use when this one runs out, but I prefer this really tiny one, as the contrast between it and the bold front pattern looks so well together. :)

  7. Sans, I've emailed you. You will have exactly what you want when all is said and done. ;)

  8. Thank you, Hanna, I got the idea for it from my customer who wasn't even a miniaturist, but she just loved the pillows so much. :)

    They're one of my biggest sellers, that and my kitty pillows, which most miniaturists seem to have kitties. :)

    They are fun to play with. :)

  9. Dale, tThese are so cool. I see them as more than just miniatures. Fridge magnets come to mind...

  10. Diane, I also thought pendant necklaces. :)

  11. Love those pillows, there are just adorable!

  12. Thanks, Stephanie. :)

    I love them, too. ;)


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