Sunday, September 27, 2009

Using Organic Materials in Dollhouse Miniatures

I love how this shell decorated mirror came out.

I've been collecting shells since I was big enough to walk along the beach.
It's definitely a treasure hunt!

 I've refined my beach combing to just miniature shells.
This drastically cuts down the volume of shells that get brought home, that's for sure!

Most of the shells I collect are too tiny to be seen from standing up.

Recently, I went through my now extensive collection of  tiny miniature sea shells, so that I could start using them in my dollhouse miniature creations.

The shells were sorted by shape, size and type and then carefully washed with a mild solution of bleach in water.

Some people in the miniature world think Halloween all year round.
I think beach all year round. :)

I enjoy using organic materials when ever I can, when I make minis.

These twigs were gathered along the forest floor when I visited the Smoky Mountains.

I love the homey appeal it gives the print. :)

Well, that's all for now, until next time!


  1. I think beach all year round too!
    Your mirror is beautiful! Love the twig frame too.

  2. Oh wow, I just posted on my blog about using acorn caps as bowls, then I saw your post. I love using organic materials. :-D And I love that mirror!


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