Monday, September 21, 2009

My Studio! Where I enjoy creating :)

This is my studio, up on the third floor of my house, I carved out some space for me to create in.

It may be home to all of the mismatched furniture and broken lamps, but, in my mind's eye, it's quite glamourous. :)

Here is where I sit when I am doing most of my hand sewing and pinning and turning.

Behind the chair, is my desk with my computer and telephone. (I'm sitting here right now! lol)

The third floor has three bays or dormers. This is the one that faces the street and lovely light comes through here. I cut fabric, paint, paste, pack and even take my pictures here. Recently, I stole hubby's bedside lamp, so it's on the table there now. A girl's gotta be able to see to create!

I have the ironing board set up all the time, makes it easy to just go over and you know, iron.

There's a chaise if someone wants to come and keep me company, or ie. watch my tv.

Behind the chaise is my packing center.

The next bay is where I sew. I love sitting there, it looks out to the trees and I feel like I'm in a tree house. A wonderful breeze blows in through that window, while I am sewing away. The tubs hold my fabrics and the one tub held my minis.... until they expanded and needed more locations to rest in.

I love those chinese chests, I have all of my baubles and beads, ribbons and bows in there. And lots of other little things that I'll be sure to make something out of for the dollhouse.

The last bay is just the stairwell and bookcases holding my minis for sale. For some reason, I don't have a picture of that, but, not to worry, you're not missing anything there. ;)

So, that's where I create. It's real comfy and what ever I'm working on at any station, has what I need within arms reach. I like it.

Have you blogged about where you create? I'd love to see it! :)

Almost forgot, I'm in a treasury at etsy, in fact not just one item, but two! Thank you berrybluecreations!


  1. What a great post! I'm always interested to see where others create! Casey is showing her studio clean up now. I'm comforted to see that many others are a messy as I am!
    Creative minds are rarely tidy, for sure! Your room looks very cozy and
    comfortable. I like the idea that you feel like you are in a tree house up there! What fun!

  2. It looks so nice and cosy there. And it is nice to have the different areas for the different tasks. You can leave one project out as you move over to do something different for a change.

  3. I love to see where people create their magic- thank you! How lovely to have so much natural light! I can imagine you sewing away :)

  4. yes, well, it would be great if it would be neat and tidy all of the time. I had to take pictures for he record. ;)

    This was during a non-creating stage. Usually, I can barely walk around in there, for so many things going on. ;)

    If you clean your studio, take a picture so you have proof. lol ;)

  5. Kathi, who is Casey? I'd love to check that out. :)

  6. Dale your space looks so cozy! Like you could just curl up with a good book and some hot chocolate. I love it ;)

  7. I don't know what made me troll all the way here but I am happy I did. Those are Indian cushions with modern saris :). Or did you make them? They are amazingly Indian if you did. You have a taste for the Orient, the cabinet, the flooring although the Europeans have the same feel (tiles).

    Is it still like this? I agree, TOTALLY Glamourous! Felt like I was just there. YES! I am stalking you for my screen :) *scary music coming on

  8. Sans! ha ha, I find you!

    Yes, it's still like this, just way messier! lol

    I got the indian cushions and throw from different import stores. The patched throw came from Pier 1 Imports one of my favorite stores!

    The chinese cabinets are from like the sixties or seventies. I got them when I was working at an antique store.

    I have stuff from all over the world in my house, Sans. :) I love Asian and Indian stuff, just like you. I also have something from every decade from about 1870 forward. I'm eclectic.

    Now, lemme see if I can find your other two comments, lol ;)


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