Thursday, July 9, 2009

My New Dollhouse Interior Close-ups. :)

Starting at the top left of the house

This is the first bedroom. It's a nice size. I'm thinking traditional in here, I have twin beds that would look nice in here.

The bathroom. I have a porcelain claw foot tub bathroom set that I think will just fit in here.

When you peek through the door you can see the upstairs hallway where the steps come up. I think I could even get a settee in there under the window. (No hubby in there to complain about too much furniture in the way) ;)

The second bedroom, again, nice size. I'm thinking roses and shabby chic all over. I have a white metal bed that would look great in here. And one of the roses needlepoint rugs from my etsy shop. (Must remember to put one aside for myself now) ;)

The kitchen and dining room combo. I'm probably going to take down the kitchen cabinets that are in there now. The doors don't open, how would I ever store my things? I can see a lit chandelier in the dining room area, another one of my rugs and I'm pretty sure my table, chairs and a china cabinet I have will just fit. :)

Even the hallway will be fun to decorate, a runner, coat rack, maybe a nice potted plant.

Think of garland running up the stair rail during the Christmas season. :)

The living room. Great size. Will probably take out this fireplace, as I have a better one. :) If I'm lucky, maybe I can even squeeze in two seating arrangements.

Ignore the latice peeking in through all of the windows and doors, I think that's a cucumber vine back there.

So many thoughts and dreams filling up my head right now. It's a good thing. :)


  1. Your done for, once you have a house, or should I say one the house has you.

    Looks like a lot of fun, enjoy!

    Come on over to my blog and pick up your award.

    See you soon,

  2. I hear you! I'm dreaming those same dreams for my little house! I know you are going make this one very special!

  3. This is a gorgeous house and would be so much fun to fix up. Put the rest of your life on hold now cos you will be hooked forever :)

  4. Very nice sized rooms and just to think, it's already put together! I am slowly working on getting Joanna's house built. I hate the building part--much more fond of the decorating part! Have fun! I can't wait to see.


  5. Kathi, thank you! :) I'm gonna try my best. ;)

    Carmel, I think it's gorgeous, too. ;) Wish I could put life on hold, lol, just not possible!

    Jody, exactly! That's why I've been searching for a vintage handmade house for about two years now. My skills don't lie in building but, in decorating and all of the soft furnishings, that, I can do. ;) I'm going to be checking out your blog. :)

  6. ah ha! now i know where you're hiding!

    come out, come out now!~!

    really wonderful house! i can already tell how lovely it's going to be ^ ^

  7. Snowfern, you are just too cute!

    I wish I was off hiding with the house!

    Dollhouse interupted by life right now, but, back soon! ;)


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