Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Dollhouse with Furniture!

The first bedroom. The twin bedroom set fits in here just lovely. I even think the color of the walls and the wood furniture has a nice blend to it. Still wavering on what color this room will be. I want to be able to play and change things around, but, I don't want to end up with all of the interiors beige/cream/neutral.

My porcelain bathroom fixtures just fit in, I knew they would!
I'm thinking light pink for the walls, maybe some wainscotting. I really like the look of black and white tiles but, the wood flooring is so nice, I don't want to change it. Maybe a black and white floor cloth will do the job. This will be fun to accessorise. :) Back in the hallway there, is a half round table made by minibuilder his work is so fine and delicate.

This second bedroom may end up being green, but perhaps a just lighter shade. The metal bed I have had since childhood and I love it so much! It's broke on me so many times and yet, each time, hubby glues it back up for me. The shabby chic end tables were a custom order made by Jemjoop. I have plans to make some shabby chic stuff, maybe having the dollhouse will get me on that quicker. The round table was made by turningsin he makes some of his creations on a lathe, really impressive stuff! The little dresser I got online and plan to paint it shabby chic style, perhaps even decoupage it. It's not made real well, so the shabby chic will just fit it. :)

The kitchen/dining room. Well, I obviously have no furniture for the kitchen, lol. ;) But, there also isn't much room in this kitchen to begin with. I think a big stove on the right side wall, a sink under the window and a fridge is going to pretty much take up the entire space. They'll have to eat daily in the dining room.
The dining room has mix matched chairs and the little china cabinet fit in just right. But, I might be getting some new dining room tables and chairs from minibuilder so, it might look totally different later. The table, chairs and china cabinet are from childhood and I recently purchased the additional two chairs.

The hallway, not much in there now, huh? lol ;) I think a long skinny table in the hall with two ottomans under it and two lamps sitting on it, a coat rack and an umberella stand, maybe a potted plant. Definitely lit garland for the holidays. Did you know you can buy strings of Christmas lights? I think that is so cool!

Okay, not much furniture in the living room! It really does look like someone just moved in! I love the firepace, I got that on line. I had one before, but, some dog ate it. :( So, I already had the fireplace tools and andilirons and fire wood. I have a pottery piece holding the firewood. The grandfather clock is from childhood. The end table I bought on line. And the side tables I got from minibuilder. I really like his work, can you tell? lol ;)
I'm itching to do something with the dollhouse, but apparently you have to wire it first. :( I deemed Sundays to be dollhuse day, but hubby is not cooperating. He thinks Sunday is gardening day. The mamoth size leaves peeking in the dollhouse windows are his cucumber plants.
I think he seriously needs to consider what is really important on Sundays. ;)


  1. Oh, and all of the rugs can be found in my etsy shop. :)

  2. Susan has updated her blog with our twin dollhouses. :)


  3. Oh wow, your rugs look great inside your house. Lots of lovely treasures you've got there. Wonderful project!

  4. This looks great! Have you tried using the Mr. Clean Magic eraser to get the crayon off the wall? I use them to clean everything - from china dishes to dolls. They are a bit pricey, but they work really well.
    This house is going to look great! You are inspiring me to start working on mine.

  5. Your house is going to be beautiful when finished, Dale. Your furniture fits so nicely. I love the little teammids advertisements, too. :-)

  6. lucky you! I want a dollhouse as well :D I've got tons of minis to fill it :D

    mini hugs!

  7. Hanna, thank you! :)

    Susan, I would, if it were worth the effort, but there's too many dings in the walls and what not, it has to be repainted. That's okay. :) I don't mind.

    Thank you, Deanna! I can't help but plug my team mates, I have acquired so many things from them and they inspire me so much! There is a wealth of talent in teamMIDS. :)

    Stephanie, I hope and I am sure, you won't have to wait as long as I have to get the dollhouse of your dreams. :)

    I have tons of minis to go inside, I am an accessory queen. ;)

    Thanks for all of the comments, it was quite exciting to find them. :)

  8. Me gusta mucho las explicaciones que nos ha estaod dando, y como van quedadndo los muebles, le quedará preciosa.

  9. Oh, everything is coming together wonderfully! I love Minibuilder's pieces as well and I recognize the pretty rug in the bedroom as an Etsy piece I've admired as well!


  10. Thank you, Jody and dora. :)

    The challenge is going to be making it neutral enough so I can change the setting inside all of the time and still be able to have color. :)

    Minis are so much fun!! :)

  11. I can not believe how well this house is turning out and your furniture fits in perfectly. Those rugs in each room are soooooo nice. I can't wait to watch this house develop.


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