Friday, May 8, 2009



I've finally started to blog, I know, I'm so up with the times. ;)

About me, my name is dale. :) I am an artisan specialising in dollhouse miniatures, particularly 1/12th scale. I love home decor, so that is where I focus my interests in creating.

I have a shop on etsy
and also a gallery listing on CDHM

Things you can find in my shop; accent and decorative pillows, wall art, carpets and rugs, curtains and drapes, decorative items, mattresses and bed pillows, kitchen chair cushions, placemats and napkins and some supplies for dollhouses.


  1. Hallo Dale, I am Sans ! :) I am a Blogaholic:)

    I am here clocking 2 hours at Dale's Blog :)

  2. Ha! Found your last comment. lol ;)


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