Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fourth of July Custom Order

Here is the house I am doing the custom order for.
Isn't it just charming?

It is a turn of the century farm house set in the 1930's.

The left side of the wrap around porch.

And the right side of the wrap around porch.

Here's one of the rockers and the porch swing.

They are so cute, no wonder I love minis! :)

Custom orders can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. We went back and forth through email about what she wanted, things changed along the way, some things removed, other things added. You really have to go with the flow when you are doing a custom order. You are making your customer's vision into a reality. I have so enjoyed this process and loved that I was able to make another mini lover's dream come true. :)

Hoping everyone has had an enjoyable weekend, I love lazy days when I can get them. :)
More next time!


  1. Absolutely stunning! Nice work!

  2. She did do a nice job with this house, it looks perfect, doesn't it?


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