Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sharing Sunday! :)

 Yes, I will use any excuse I can find to pull out my blue and white china.
Photo credits below.

I especially added these top two because they fit in with the season.

I recently got this gift from Lyssa. She had a giveaway on her blog and added a special one for those that had been most supportive of her. I was so touched to be one! :)

I know the fence shelf looks a bit Halloweeny, but later it's gonna be shabby chic-y some where in one of my houses. I love her paintings and check out the basket, would you believe it is made of paper? I had to really examine it.

Sweet treasures, thank you Lyssa!

You can find her blog here and her etsy shop here.

These are from my friend Heidi. She dressed the skelly herself and that has got to be the tiniest cameo I have ever seen. I have to make up those boxes now.

I met Heidi on facebook, she's been down here to visit twice now. We have minis and food and music in common... and the occasional sarcasm. ;)

You can find her blog here, where she writes about life and day to day kinda stuff. :)
She's been back to making minis again, maybe she will share some pics soon!

Patricia from Papillon Bleu made me this dolly when we did a trade a while back. I made a proper mattress for Alienore. She gave her a pink dress because of my affinity for pink and dark hair to match me, but look at her bracelet.

She gave her a pink bracelet just like I have.

Have you any idea how hard it is to take a picture of your right hand with your left hand?
I don't suggest trying it! lol ;)

Just one of the many moments of serendipity that I have had with so many of my mini peeps.

More hat stands from Tom Saunders.... perhaps I just leave them out some where to remind me to make some hats soon! :)

He doesn't seem to have an open shop at the moment..

I thought I bought yellow apples, bananas and peppers.
According to the receipt it is bananas, grapefruit and tomatoes!

Too funny, I don't even like grapefruit!
Guess I need my eyes checked. ;)

They are from the Fieldwood Company, Inc.

Of course, we should all be preparing for this holiday!
I got this from Pepe when Caterina had a swap for Christmas.
Sadly, I cannot find her blog now, she might not have even had a blog, I am not sure, if anyone knows, please let me know and I will edit this post.

Photo credits:
Fireplace, bench, and blue and white china from my private collection.
Blue jug from Sandy Copeland
Miniature photography from Wanderinon
Folding screen, pillows, rug and shell mirror can be purchased at my etsy shop.

Thanks for joining me for sharing Sunday! :)


  1. Me encantan tus azules y blanco china, es un rincon fantastico.
    Enhorabuena por tus regalos.
    Muchas gracias por los enlaces.
    besitos ascension

    1. Gracias, ascensión! A mi me gusta compartir. :)

      Tengo una predilección por el azul y blanco de porcelana. :)
      Me alegro de que haya disfrutado y encontró nuevos lugares se visitarán.

  2. So many beautiful miniatures - Sharing Sunday is always fun... ;O)


    1. Thank you, Birgit! I am so glad you enjoy it. I do, too! :)

      I wish I could share every Sunday. :)

  3. Lovely gifts, Dale :):). It's Halloween already. How time flies ...

    Love your blue and white composition!

    1. Thank you, Sans! :) I feel so bad for being such an awful friend and not keeping up with you so well. :(

      I am sure you have many stories from all of your recent travels, I will try to catch up with you real soon.

      I do love the blue and white for the dollhouse. I don't have any in RL, I tend to go for the famille rose or rose medallion.

  4. wow what a haul! I picked up those little skeletons at the dollar store they're in scale so I'm using them for halloween :)


    1. Those little skellies are great, aren't they, Marisa?

      Some of these are recent, but many are from the past. I'm just trying to document the minis I have and in the mean time, share the sources with all of you. :)

  5. I love sharing sundays!! Of course- you know my favorite today is the cute little doll by Patricia- I have one of her sisters :) The dressed skelly is fab too- the stitched pillow is exquisite- I really love it all!!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much for all, Kim! did you see the pic Patricia posted of the kitty on the mattress today on facebook. So darling! :)

  6. Oh, I Do LOVE your blue and White china!!!! The whole arrangement is Gorgeous!!! And what a wonderful lot of gifts you have received! (Happy Half-way-to-next-Sunday!)

    1. Thank you, sweet! :) I adore the blue and white china. I wish that I had the time to do a weekly Sunday Sharing, it comes as I have the time. :)


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