Thursday, June 24, 2010

Singapore!!! :)

Sculpture Square

Indian Temple

Chinese Temple at Race Course Road

St. Andew's Cathedral

 Swissôtel The Stamford Hotel Singapore

Singapore Art Museum

Art Garden: Children's Season


  1. So much inspiration! Love the Cathedral! Thanks for sharing these with us!

  2. Thankyou for the lovely pics!! Have a great time - and say hello to Sans for me!

  3. Thank you so much for the photos, they are very interesting. I didn't know that Singapore was a mix of very modern and high buildings and traditional ones.

  4. Wow!! Beautiful pictures Dale! thank you for sharing us! hugs

  5. Great photographs Dale. Hope your having a lovely time. xxx

  6. I WANT to be there !!!! soon soon soon, here we come (^_^)
    Give a big hug to Sans for me and have a lot of fun together. Hugs Rosanna

  7. Lovely photographs Dale.

    Debie xxxxxxxx

  8. You lucky girl! Have fun and give Sans a hug :)


  9. Dale, thank you for the picture: I realize now that I know nothing of Singapore!
    I am sure you spend some nice moments, especially because you have a exception guide...
    A big embrace to you and Sans :-)

  10. Wow...Indian Temple, Chinese temple and a awesome.

    Great pics...thanks.

    Hope you are having a fab time.

  11. What great pictures! I am so glad you shared them.
    Did I miss readin the reason you went to Singapore? Perhaps you did not tell us.
    I have a fried that went there last fall. She bought the most beautiful hand made lace I have ever seen while she was there.

  12. Katie, St. Andrews Cathedral was the first Catholic church built in Singapore. It's quite gorgeous and in side, the front and back walls are painted a lovely aqua color. :)

  13. CM, more are coming, sorry I'm not as techy as I wish I was.

  14. Glenda, thanks and will do. :)

  15. Genevieve, yes, it is. While there are lots of very modern high rises, I tend to like the smaller more colorful buildings. They are protected by conserve, which sounds a lot like our historic preservation here in the US.

  16. You're very welcome, Paky. I'm enjoying sharing it all with you. :)

  17. Thanks, Debbie. :) I am having the most wonderful time! :)

  18. Rosanna, you are absolutely going to love it here. Love, love, love it. Sans is a most gracious, wonderful hostess. It's like being in a resort here and that's just at her home. :)

  19. Ira, yes, I know I am a very lucky girl. I feel quite priviledged. :)

    Where your ears burning? Sans and I were admiring your work and your generosity in sharing it with us all. :)

  20. Flora, you're very welcome. I didn't either, I just knew it was a very exotic place. I am blessed with some wonderful guides. :)

  21. Jayne, it is awesome, you're most welcome and I am. :)

  22. Catherine, I'm so glad you are enjoying them. I'm visiting Sans, a fellow blogger. She and I had been emailing about it for a while and finally, she just said to me, make it happen, so I did. I've also gotten to meet up with other miniaturists that I know from online that also live here in Singapore. It's been a real treat to get to meet them all, be with Sans and to see this beautiful city that they all call home. :)

  23. I have seen other pictures in Sans' blog. What a wonderful meeting of miniaturists. I am green of envy :)

  24. What great photos, how wonderful you were able to travel to Singapore. It sounded like you had a terrific time. Sans and her mom must be the best!! Jean♥

  25. Dale, it's such a shame I couldn't get away from work that day! :( Hopefully there'll be another time? :)

    I'm glad you enjoyed visiting our little country, and was the chicken rice any good?! :P

    Take care! :)

  26. I have never seen a more beautiful portrayal of the areas I have taken for granted or thought I have seen so many times.

    Thank you Dale for making Singapore look so pretty :) and thank you for being such a fabulous wonderful guest :).

  27. singapore! Did you go to the building that looks like a durian? looks like so much fun!

  28. Dale! I hope you enjoyed your stay in Singapore! I know you are in the plane right now (Oh, I do hope that you managed to wake up on time! XD)
    I'm sorry that we've been feeding you with a lot of fried food Xd

  29. (((Eva))) please, don't be green!
    All of the bloggers can come to your house next. ;) I hope that doesn't scare you, I am kidding. It was a wonderful time. :)

  30. Jocelyn, it is quite the shame you couldn't get away to meet up with us all.

    As lovely as your country is, I found the company the best of all. :)

    Sadly, I don't journey around the globe all that often.

    The chicken rice was very good, but, the stars of the evening was meeting the Singapore gals. :)

    I will remember that night for a long time to come. :)

  31. Sans! I just can't write your name without the exclamation point. lol

    You live in such a glorious region, I'm glad you are enjoying the depictions, as I percieve them. :)

    Singapore is gorgeous and you should be so proud of the beautiful place you live in. I didn't make it pretty, I just captured the moment, which was so easy to do when it all looks so fabulous.

    I'm sure I wasn't the best guest you have ever had. Sometimes, I'm sure I get overwhelmed in my surroundings and forget my manners. You were a magnificent host, have no doubt about it, there is nothing I could have asked for more. You were very gracious and kind throughout and also very genorous. I am deeply indebted to you and hope that you will come and visit me, so I can share so graciously with you, where I live and what I know about the US. :)

  32. Minnie, I'm not sure I saw that building!

    The majority of the pictures I took are on my facebook page, but, I'm not entirely sure it includes that.

  33. (((Asuka!))) I so enjoyed getting to meet you and spend time with you. You are very sweet my dear, try to stay that way as you get older (trust me, that gets harder)

    We got on the plane just fine, though I would say it's by the grace of G__. ;)

    I did not eat near enough fried food. But, the intestines, I will remember, won't you? lol ;)

    You are a sweet, sweet thing. Loved being in your presence. :)

    I am so delighted that I got to meet you in person. :)

  34. Jean, thank you so much for the compliment on the photos, I can only say, that it is easy to take pretty pictures when there is so much pretty around. :)

    I agree whole heartedly that Sans and her mom are the best. I will post about eating at her mom's. I am in awe of that woman! :)

  35. Such sweet sweet words. :) You have been a perfect guest who seems contented with the very little I could offer :). Cindy is the true ambassador of my little country :).

    I am looking at the picture of all 3 of you in my kitchen , the night you cooked dinner . The people here may never see the picture of you holding 2 bunches of broccoli against your chest and the carrot at you know where but that will be the nutty Dale I remember fondly :). LOL

  36. Muchisimas gracias por estas preciosas fotografias!!!
    besitos ascension

  37. (((Sans))) you are very modest. :)

    Cindy was a real doll, might take her a few weeks to recover. lol Even if we did "meander" from our agenda, she was a lovely tour guide and that girl knows how to shop! But, we never dropped. ;)

    Oh, my! You must send me that picture. It will crack my hubby up. Shame I'm no more mature than my children. Or maybe they are more mature than I. ;)

  38. you make me blush Xd

    It was so much fun meeting you and I bet the other girls also looooooveee your carbonara.

    Hahaha, I don't think I'll ever forget it, I never eat intestines before too.

    You also brave to try even just a piece of it (and durians!) XD

  39. Asuka, it was so nice meeting you! You are absolutely adorable! :)

    Don't blush! ;)

    Well, I guess we can both cross one more crazy thing I have eaten off of the food adventurers list. ;)

    I'm glad you liked the carbonara, I think my food must be pretty plain compared to what you all are used to.

    Hugs, dear! I'm so glad you came out for the last dinner with Sans and I. :)


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